Why Install a Split System Air Conditioner in Your New Home

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Home

Split system air conditioners (ACs) are a cost-effective way to heat or cool single rooms in homes or offices. These easy-to-install units are ideal for spaces without windows and can help you to keep certain areas of your home cool and aerated. 

A split system air conditioner (AC) unit is installed on the wall of a room with an outdoor unit directly outside the room you wish to cool. It’s popular for compact areas where cooling and heating are needed for targeted areas of a home. 

Split system ACs have some notable benefits over window air conditioning units and ducted air conditioners. They’re an ideal choice for your new home for the following reasons:

Easy Installation

The design of a split system AC makes it easy to be installed as it doesn’t have ducts like traditional ACs. The system comprises of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that are paired by drilling a hole through the wall and running wires and pipes through it. The installation takes shorter time and uses far less labour than the traditional ACs. 

Easy Maintenance

A split system AC needs minimal maintenance, usually a DIY (do-it-yourself) thing. Unlike ducted ACs, which often require routine maintenance, split system ACs only require you to change or clean your filter every three months. A split system AC’s clean and compact design makes maintenance easy for you. You can expect your system to run efficiently for several years with minimal maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Split system ACs use less energy than ducted air ACs. As the air passes through the ductwork, you’ll experience energy loss with ducted systems. The absence of ducts in split system ACs helps to reduce the amount of energy they require to use. And you can set the systems to cool specific areas of your home instead of the entire house – saving you on energy usage. 


Split system ACs run quietly since the condenser is located outside. They offer you more tranquillity at home than window ACs and duct-based systems. The condenser can be located a considerable distance away from the house thus you can’t hear it. Split systems are convenient for rooms like the bedroom or study as they’re not disruptive.


A split system AC unit is a perfect investment property due to the minimal cost of purchasing and installing. The unit offers long-term cost savings due to minimal maintenance and lifespan as well. The AC can minimize energy costs when set at the right temperature. Investing in this system allows you to cool your home regularly while keeping costs down. 

No Eyesore For Outdoor Units

A split system AC unit has an outdoor unit that can be positioned close to a wall of your home, easily concealing the outdoor compressor. The compressor only needs to be at most 30 meters from your home for it to work as required. 

No Windows Required

Unlike other AC systems that require a window for installation, the split system doesn’t require a window. You can install it on a wall or any other place you wish within your home. As opposed to ducted units that come with meters of internal duct systems that run within walls and cavities, split systems don’t require any internal wall cavity and can fit in a small area of any room. 

Blend With Décor

Split system ACs make indoor installation highly flexible. They can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on the walls. They’re aesthetically appealing as they come with elegant and sophisticated jackets. Furthermore, split system ACs are said to be less obstructive than window units that require one to either dedicate a window or cut a hole in a wall. 

Increased Security

Split system ACs are much more security friendly than window units which can offer intruders access into your home. Only a small hole is required, which doesn’t pose any security threat to your home. An open hole in the wall or window exposes you to the risk of a break-in. 

Great For Zoning Spaces 

Split systems cool different areas of a home by splitting your spaces into zones. Each zone has its thermostat, unlike traditional AC systems that only have one thermostat for the entire room. With separate thermostats, you can control which areas of your home you want to cool, allowing you to cool specific zones. You’ll use less energy over the long term, thus saving money. 


Split system ACs are typically a cheaper choice than other AC options. Their installation is easier and cheaper than window ACs and duct-based units. Their ability to heat or cool specific areas in a building makes them an ideal option for your new home too. Split AC units only require regular maintenance to provide you with a comfortable atmosphere all year round. 

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