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Would you like a brand new bespoke kitchen, conservatory or extension without the normal price tag?


You can transform your home by creating more space, including the latest design features and all customised to your very own specifications at very affordable prices. Our flat pack extensions are built using high quality prefabricated materials for the best possible pricing. They’re stylish, modern and totally bespoke – it’s easy to customise them to suit your style, tastes, needs and budget.


All of our extensions are built using prefabricated materials. This allows us to build your dream extension in a fraction of the amount of time required for traditional renovations. A kitchen extension could take as little as three days.


Many of our high quality extensions can be completed within a week as we use prefabricated materials that can be partially constructed off site.
Because our flat pack extensions are built using prefabricated materials, they can cost up to 25% less than a standard renovations.
All of our extensions use high quality, durable and environmentally friendly materials to make sure your dream kitchen is problem free. Although our pricing is very affordable since many components are assembled off site, we never compromise on quality.


Flat Pack extensions are designed with energy efficiency in mind. We use natural, renewable resources to construct all of our flat pack houses and extensions, minimising your environmental impact. We also build with natural light in mind, to help reduce your energy consumption. We also build all of our kitchen extensions with high quality insulation to prevent heat loss.


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