German Flat Pack Houses

Flat pack houses are fast becoming a popular housing alternative in the UK. The homes are environmentally friendly, affordable and quicker to build making them a leading choice for first-time buyers.

They offer a stylish substitute to traditional properties and are less time consuming to build than normal self-build projects. Create the home of your dreams in just a matter of weeks compared to traditional builds which take months.

There are various types of flat pack houses to suit all budgets and housing requirements but rest assured you can find everything you need with the experts at

A couple of German companies specialise in high quality, reliable flat pack houses and these include;

Huf Haus

This is a German, family run business, which offers bespoke design and construction. They produce only a limited number of houses per year to give owners an exclusive edge.


This is a German company that specialises in prefabricated timber houses and eco-friendly homes. Living in a Baufritz timber house means living in a healthy environment.


This leading German house builder has over 47 years of experience in environmentally friendly, energy efficient, sustainable self-build homes.

Whichever flat pack you choose to buy, they will all most likely be built in a factory and then transported to the site to be assembled. This reduces construction time ensuring you can start your new life quickly and easily.

German flat pack houses offer homeowners multiple benefits. You are in control over the build process so you can have a creative input and design a unique, living space. The materials are all sustainable saving you money as well as cutting your carbon footprint, and they are between 10-25% cheaper than a usual house build so they’re ideal for self-builders with small budgets.


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