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If you’re an aspiring writer and have a vivid interest in interior design, property investment and home repairs then we are inviting all enthusiastic and promising writers to contribute to the Flat Pack Houses blog.
All designs and styles tend to split opinion, so we’re looking for writers to boldly leave their mark on our readers with their theories and ideas about different home designs as well as suggesting new trends for the readers to follow. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a fashionista, get in touch!
If the property market is your area of expertise then please feel free to contribute with your opinions on developments in that area or if you’re a supplier in the self-build industry then we also invite you to leave your mark on the Flat Pack Houses blog as our readers would really benefit from reading a first-hand perspective from somebody so heavily involved in self-build homes.

Submission Guidelines

All contributions to the Flat Pack Houses blog must be sent to the editor for approval before we can post it on the website. If you’re unsure on whether your idea is relevant to the blog, then feel free to contact our editor along with an outline, abstract or brief description of the piece so you can discuss it further. Due to the strong copyright ownership laws involving multimedia content, we would also encourage that all submissions shouldn’t include multimedia files.


All articles should be at least 300 words long. We are in favour of snappy, informative content and may reject any articles that are over 1000 words, but that is highly dependent on whether the article remains consistent and relevant throughout.

For more information or to submit your content, please contact us today!

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