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If you would like to create the home you have always dreamed of then you are in the right place.

Our network of experts will work with you to create a tailor-made, environmentally friendly super house at an affordable price.

Or perhaps you are looking for a kitchen extension, garden office, granny annex, leisure pod or additional building on your land?

Flatpackhouses.co.uk will give you the information, contacts and products that you need. We are committed to delivering a unique online space where you will gain inspiration, insight, guides and advice from suppliers and businesses who will enable you to live the dream of building your own home.

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Flat pack houses are the stylish, modern alternatives to traditional properties. Timber is a tried and tested method for energy efficiency and has fast become the primary choice in building.

As more and more people are exploring the possibility of building the dream it is important that you liaise with construction experts to embark on a stress-free self-build. Our network is continually updated with the most up-to-date advice, services and technologies – we are the market leaders for information on flat pack homes.

Connect with our suppliers today to find out how they  can help you transform your plans into an exciting reality.

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8 Ideas to Upgrade Your Main Bedroom

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Creating a Spacious Bathroom

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