Eco Classrooms

We provide schools and nurseries with the opportunity to create much needed space – whether it is classrooms, play rooms, offices or storage.


Our construction process is up to 50% faster than conventional construction methods and depending on the design, the delivery period can be as short as six to eight weeks. Much of the building work is done off site, so schools face as little disruption as possible.


Everything we create is super green – offering opportunities for schools to harvest rainwater, save money on heating and even make money by selling energy back to the national grid. This approach to extending classroom and learning space will also reduce the school’s carbon footprint significantly.


Different classrooms have different features, but most include:

  • Recycled plastic foundations
  • FSC timber frame
  • Recycled wood fibre insulation
  • Recycled decking
  • FSC engineered oak flooring
  • Double glazed doors and windows
  • 500% air source heating and air conditioning
  • LED dimmable lighting with 20 year lifespans
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Eco toilets
  • Recycled roofs and solar panels that generate power for the building and put energy back into the grid.


We can build on almost any ground conditions and don’t need to lay foundations, which makes this way of increasing space so flexible.


Using these eco-friendly pod style building options means that costs could up to 70% cheaper than traditional building methods.


Contact our team of highly knowledgeable modular building planners and designers to find out more about increasing space in your school, university or nursery.

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