Timber flooring cassettes

Speed up the construction of your home with heavy-duty floor cassettes built for simple, cost-effective installation and optimum performance.

Floor cassettes are usually assembled off-site for easy, inexpensive and stress-free installation.

Timber flooring is installed via crane, reducing the time required to complete your home’s flooring from days to hours.

What are the main advantages of pre-built floor cassettes?

Flexibility of design

Design your flooring to suit your home. Pre-built timber floor cassettes can be made to your exact specifications to fit effortlessly into your home on construction day.

Quality and dependability

Made using high quality timber, floor cassettes are built to stand the test of time and remain strong and stable in all conditions

Efficient, safe construction

Designed for rapid, safe installation, floor cassettes are pre-built and craned into position on construction day to minimise the time spent building your home.

Highly affordable

Built from high quality materials and designed for quick and simple installation, timber flooring is cost-effective and reliable.

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