Flat Pack House and Self Build Kit Prices

Flat Pack House and Self Build Kit Prices

If you are considering buying a flat pack house, it will pay to understand how much they will cost so you can plan your budget accordingly. They are a stylish alternative to a traditional property but they are also much more cost-effective to purchase.

Typically flat pack homes cost 10-25% less than a normal house build because less labour is required but how much do they cost?

Flatpackhouses.co.uk has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and it is for this reason that we have grasped an understanding of the price range for the alternative properties.

Here is a representation of the kind of fees in which you will incur:

Ikea– prices can start from as little as £70,000 for a one-bed flat and go up to £150,000 for a three-bed house.

Huf Haus– prices are usually in excess of £310,000.

Fleming Homes– prices are approximately £260,000- £350,000.

Potton – prices are roughly £180,000 excluding plot price and project management

Scandia- Hus– prices range extensively from £13,205 to £24,355 for construction and £106,680 to £180,195 for the building kit.

They come in a variety of prices from the very cheap to the exceedingly expensive but one of the cheapest providers is Ikea. The end price-tag ultimately depends on the company that you choose and the level of work demanded.

Take into account what kind of materials you have used. Sustainable resources can be costly but in the long-term they are a great investment to save you money on your future energy bills. Check with the flat pack house provider that the price is fixed and includes all the necessary supplies that you need such as cladding systems and insulation.

Remember that you can have your say on the design and layout as many firms offer bespoke flat pack services, so depending on the size and décor demands this will affect the rate.

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