Flat Pack Hybrid Homes

What are Flat Pack hybrid homes?

They are dual-sourced and are built using a combination of building methods so they are truly an economical and ecological home. This could be combining either log or timber with traditional construction.

What are the Advantages?

  • Bespoke choice of interior layout and design
  • Very low running costs and maintenance
  • Easily installed on poor ground conditions and inaccessible areas
  • Built in a matter of weeks
  • Perfect all year round- cool in the summer season and warm in winter
  • Uses natural renewable resources

Main considerations

  • Ensure budget is fixed
  • Understand what is exactly included in the package e.g. plumbing/electricity
  • What renewable source do you want to invest in to operate for energy?
  • Site limitation

We manufacture comfortable hybrid homes at a reasonable rate. Don’t waste any more time; have your very own custom made home and fill in the form today to request a call back from the experts

Do you want a sustainable and stylish home?

A hybrid home offers:

• Stylish alternative
• Eco-friendly
• Healthier to live in
• Less energy to run

Hybrid homes are increasing in popularity and they are fast becoming the perfect choice for homeowners across the UK. Here at Flatpackhouses.co.uk we specialise in manufacturing high quality, affordable hybrid homes to meet your needs and budget

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