Flat Pack Garden Room

Do you want more living space without extending your home? Are you looking for the perfect home office? Our flat pack garden rooms are the ideal addition to your property when space, comfort and privacy are your priorities.

Build using high quality materials and designed with comfortable living and energy efficiency in mind, our flat pack garden studios are ideal as granny annexes, private home office studios, guest houses, garages and more.

Better yet, they’re built from the ground up using energy efficient, sustainable and 100% natural materials for the smallest possible environmental impact. Enjoy the best in privacy, comfort and more without harming the environment.

What can garden studios be used for?

Our garden rooms are suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Build a comfortable, convenient granny annexe that’s entirely self contained or create the perfect studio for your young children, teenagers or university-aged students.

Quiet and comfortable, our garden studios are also ideal as home offices. Enjoy the peace and quiet you need to get your important work done without having to travel across town every morning and evening.

Finally, our high quality garden rooms are ideal for entertaining. Host great garden parties in style. From guest houses to play rooms; home gyms to garages, there’s an unlimited number of uses for our sustainable, adaptable garden studios.

Are your garden studios customisable?

Yes! All of our garden studios can be customised to suit your tastes, personal needs and budget. Whether you need a compact but comfortable office or a two-bedroom granny annexe, we can make your dream garden studio a reality.

How long do your garden studios take to build?

All of our garden studios are built using high quality prefabricated materials, making them extremely quick to build. Enjoy a brand new living space in your garden in just a few weeks – not a few months!

Are your garden studios eco-friendly?

Yes! Our carefully designed garden studios are designed to achieve carbon neutral status. Built using sustainable materials with energy efficiency in mind, they’re eco-friendly and inexpensive to maintain thanks to their energy efficient design.

Can your garden studios be modified?

From extensions to extra bedrooms, all of our high quality garden studios are built with customisation in mind. Our simple building system means that our studios can easily be modified and extended to suit your changing tastes and needs.


 How much do your garden studios cost?

All of our garden studios are designed with affordability in mind. From basic garden studios to customised living spaces, we use smart building methods that allow us to offer a high quality product at a very affordable price.

Would you like to learn more?

Whether you’re interested in building a comfortable granny annexe or creating an energy efficient living space in your garden, we’re here to help. Contact us using the Quick Enquiry form or call us today to learn more about our garden rooms.

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