Flat Pack Field Buildings

What are the Main Advantages of Field Buildings?

  • Stables

Our timber framing is ideal to house animals as anti-chew stripping and heavy duty kick boards can be applied to the construction. They are perfect to protect horses, sheet and goats from the harsh climate in winter as well as the hot temperatures during summer.

  • Storage building

They also make excellent storage facilities and depending on the space limitation, you can design the size of the building based on your stowage needs. Do you need to a tack room to store your animal feed or a shed for your machinery? This building option is perfect.

Main Considerations

Before purchasing a field building, it is important that you think about the various materials used and that you take into account crucial elements. Flatpackhouses are the go-to-experts in construction and because we have years of experience in the industry, we know what features you need to consider.

  • Wall construction

The timber walls need to be pressure treated and moisture resistant externally and internally.

  • Wall cladding

This is important to ensure a maintenance-free life.

  • Canopy

Do you need a canopy or some sort of external cover?

  • Colour

Do you want the exterior colour to blend into the outdoor surroundings? Green, red and brown are the most popular choices.

  • Roof finish

There are various roof finishes available including felt tiles, clear roof sheets or felt.

We can manufacture any type of agricultural building to meet your individual needs. Our field range can be used for a multitude of uses; simply fill in the form and request a call back from the experts to get an affordable quote.

Looking for a robust and energy efficient field building?

Here at Flatpackhouses.co.uk we specialise in a vast range of field buildings for builders and consumers to choose from.

We have a wide collection of high quality timber solutions to suit your individual needs. Our extensive range of timber buildings and shelter structures are manufactured using innovative, environmentally-friendly wood products and the end result is second to none.

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