Flat Pack House Design

Are you interested in building a home that’s customised to suit your needs? We offer a full design and technical drawing service and can help you make your dream home into a reality.

Let our design and technical sales team complete detailed floor cassette drawings of your new home, complete with building layout information, joist layout details and relative cassette position plan.

Our detailed home plans are available in a wide range of file formats, including PDF, DWG, DWF and more. We can supply cassettes that are fully labelled to make it easy for you to build your new home according to the customised original design.

All of our flooring and roof plans are folly compliant with CDM regulations and meet the relevant British Safety Standards and Codes of Practice. Enjoy a new home that’s customised to meet your needs and safe, secure and ready to move into.

FlatPackHouses.co.uk offers a comprehensive design service.  Our highly experienced design and technical sales department will provide you with the most economic and robust floor and roof solutions.  We supply detailed floor cassette drawings which include joist layout details, building layout and relative cassette position plan and  show connectors and connection details, together with the required ancillary items, all supplied in a choice of drawing formats such as .dwg, .pdf, .dwf, etc.  The cassettes are supplied fully labeled to simplify and ease the site installation.

For both floors and roofs, the design and layout service offered ensures that current CDM regulations are fully considered to assist the client to comply with all the requirements of the relevant British Safety Standards and Codes of Practice.

Would you like to build your own customised flat pack home? Contact us today to learn more about our flat pack house design services and start turning your dream home into a reality.

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