Flat Pack Home Offices

Garden office Flat Pack Houses is pleased to offer a wide range of customised and prefabricated home offices. Starting from 8ft x 10ft, our external home offices can be designed to comply with local planning requirements and by-laws.

Our home offices can be fully assembled and finished on your property or supplied in a “flat pack” for quick and easy assembly. All of Flat Pack Houses’ home offices are built using high quality materials for optimum safety and durability.

External home offices are ideal for work-at-home professionals and busy homes in which noise can be an issue. Work efficiently and maximise your productivity in an efficient, quiet and secure workspace.

What are the Main Advantages of our Home Offices?

Garden Office

High quality materials and rapid construction

Our home offices are built using high quality materials for optimum safety. They can be assembled easily on a fast schedule, making them a great addition to your home.

Quiet and comfortable working environment

Escape the noise and distractions of your home and focus in a quiet and productive working environment. Our home offices are ideal for stay-at-home professionals in need of a secure, comfortable workspace.

Fully customisable to suit your needs

Flat Pack Houses can create a bespoke home office to suit your needs. From space-saving 8ft x 10ft home garden offices to large, customised units, we can create the ultimate workspace for your home-based business or hobby.



Highly affordable and easy to maintain

All of our home offices are built using high quality materials to the highest standard for optimum durability, while remaining cost-effective and highly affordable.


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