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Domain Services understand that the privacy of our visitors is very important and ensure that policies are in place to safeguard our visitors when viewing or communicating to our site or employees. The following policy will explain how Domain Services will protect and treat any personnel information provided by a visitor.

The Privacy Policy has been legally approved and will be updated when required; therefore, it may be necessary to return to this document at a later date.

To ensure the Data Protection Act of 1998 is met, Domain Services is our data handler.

1. The Information Domain Services Collect

Some of the operations of this site require a collection and processing of certain data, which we store. Some of the data collected includes:

• Details of visits made to our site or any resource used on our site. The details collected include but are not limited to location, traffic data, weblogs or communication information.
• Any information provided to us by a visitor when he/she contacts our company for any reason.
• Any information collected through necessary forms, such as site registration or purchase.
• Any other information a visitor chooses to provides to our company.

2. Cookies

Domain Services and our advertises may on occasion collect any relevant information regarding your computer for our services. Any information gathered will be in a statistical form and may be used by our advertises or by ourselves.

Any data which is gathered will under no circumstances identify you personally and is strictly a collective set of data regarding our visitors and how they use any resources features on our site. The personal data collected via cookies will not at any time be shared.

Data may be gathered about general online use through cookies. Cookies are often automatically placed within a hard drive and store information which has been transferred to your computer. A large majority of computers and mainstream browsers allow the user to disable or decline the download of cookies. However, there are certain areas of our site which require cookies; declining cookie downloads will limit your view of our site.

Cookies may also feature in some of our sites advertisements, although, these cookies can only be downloaded when clicked on. We are not responsible for the cookies downloaded from advertisements.

3. Your Information and how it is used

Any personal information submitted to our site, will only be used for specific and relevant purposes which will be beneficial to both you and the company. Some of the purposes include:

• When requesting information about our company via a form or other transmission, this information will be used to fulfil this request but also to communicate any other products or services which may be beneficial to you. This will only occur if your consent has been granted.
• Any contracts made with you, which require a commitment and may involve contact or use of your information.
• We have the right to notify you of any changes which are made to our company that could affect you, for example the products, any services we provide or our website.
• Relevant product or service information which correlates to previous bought services or products may be communicated to you.
• Also, our company or a third party will use your information to offer unrelated products or services which may be of interest to you. However, this service will only be made available with your consent.
• Our site or a third party can communicate with new customers, but only if previous consent has been agreed.
• Importantly, our site offers users the opportunity to decline consent regarding the data we may collect. This will allow a visitor to withhold their details from both our site and a third party.
• Do not reveal identifiable information about you with any advertisers featured on our site, although we may share statistical information with our sites advertises.
• Also to improve your browsing experience and administer the website.

4. Storage of Personal Data

• We may on occasion transfer data outside of the European Economic Area, but this will only be for storage and processing reasons. Our site or supplier are allowed to process or store information outside of the European Economic Area in order to provide the product or service you request. For example, to process or complete your sale or service our site may be required to go outside of the European Economic Area for the required transfer and by submitting your payment details, personal information or other form of communication you are agreeing to the transfer. However, Domain Services guarantee that your details are safe and follow the stated Privacy Policy.
• Domain Services store all your information on secure servers and any payment details are encrypted to ensure a high level of security.
• Unfortunately, while we ensure that our company follows the Privacy Policy and possess a high level of security, it is impossible to make a definite guarantee that your information is safe due to the nature of electronic data. Therefore, submitting any data is at your own risk and it is your responsibility to keep any passwords created for our site confidential.

5. Discoursing Information

• When necessary Domain Services may share your personal information to our group members for example, subsidiaries, any holding companies and their subsidiaries. However, this information will only be shared if applicable.
• Some personal information disclosure to a third party may be necessary.
• Personal information may require sharing to a third party if our company is sold in part or in full.
• We may disclose personal information in connection to any legal proceedings.
• Personal information may be disclosed in order to establish, reduce or defend our company’s legal rights in order to prevent fraud or reduce credit risk.

6. Third Party Links

Links can be found on our site, which belong to a third party, these sites adhere to their own Privacy Policy which upon entering their site you agree to. It is important that you read through and understand their Privacy Policy as we do not have any control over third party sites and therefore, do not accept any responsibility or claims of liability for these links.

7. Accessing Information

The Data Protection Act of 1998 allows you the right to access any information stored and collected by our company at any time. However, please note that a small charge of £10 will be required to cover the costs of accessing and providing you with the information you have requested. For security reasons Domain Services will also require appropriate evidence of your identity to process your request, such as a photocopy of your passport certified by a solicitor or bank. Please use the contact below to request information.

8. Updating Information

Please inform us if the personal information we possess needs to be updated or corrected.

9. Contact Information

Domain Services welcome any enquiries, requests and comments you may have regarding our Privacy Policy. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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