Scandinavian Flat Pack Houses

Scandinavian flat pack houses are fast becoming the most popular alternative to traditional housing. The modern property is an ideal choice for first-time buyers simply because of how affordable they are compared to self-builds.

More and more homeowners are choosing flat pack houses as the home of their dreams because they are cheaper and quicker to construct. Building a house from scratch can be an extremely time consuming and exhausting project but embarking on a Scandinavian flat pack is less demanding.

It was IKEA (Swedish furniture chain) and Skanska (a Swedish construction firm) that pioneered flat pack construction in Britain. The firms first launched the range of ready-built houses in Britain and ever since it has gone from strength to strength.

In Scandinavia, the houses are simply referred as BoKloks and the concept is to provide inexpensive, space-saving, functional homes.

What are the benefits?


The homes are cleverly designed so they are highly efficient and eco-friendly. Flat pack houses are highly insulated with a range of cladding systems and most are made from timber so they are energy efficient. You can cut your carbon footprint as well as save money on your bills.


One of the advantages is that you can have a creative input in the home. Whereas in traditional builds there is no scope for personalisation, you can have the control over the interior design so you can create a unique property.


Usually it costs 10-25% less than a traditional house build as less labour is needed, so it is perfect for people on a small budget.

The stylish alternative is made in a factory before being transported to the site to be assembled. This reduces construction time and where normally a house is built in months, a flat pack house can be created in just weeks.

Here at we offer a wide range of flat pack homes for sale to suit all tastes and budgets, so whatever size you need and wherever you would like to live, we can help. Whether you need a small flat pack for just you and a partner, or a larger house for the family, look no further than the experts.

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