Flat Pack Houses offers an extensive range of prefabricated homes, garden and leisure buildings and construction components. On this page, you will find a complete list containing all of the products and solutions offered by Flat Pack Houses.

Trussed Rafters

Designed to fit small, medium-sized and large homes, our trussed rafters are a cost-effective and reliable structural solution for your home.

Field Buildings

From stables to storage buildings, we offer a wide variety of field buildings ideal for builders and consumers alike.

Leisure Pods

A stylish alternative to holiday caravans and camping tents, our leisure pods are the ideal addition to your country estate or rural home.

Log Homes

Our eco-friendly log homes are the perfect choice for holiday homes and secondary residences.

Timber Frame

Designed for optimum quality and rapid construction, our timber frames are eco-friendly, quick and safe to build and designed to last.

Hybrid Homes

Built using a combination of materials and building methods, our hybrid homes are cost-effective and eco-friendly living options.

Garden Rooms

Highly sustainable and built to withstand any weather conditions, our garden rooms are the ideal choice for adding a studio, granny flat or external garage to your home.

Swimming Pool

From small, backyard swimming pools to custom-built lap swimming pools, we offer a wide selection of customised swimming pools for your home.

Timber Flooring / Floor Cassettes

Highly durable and easy to install, our timber flooring cassettes are the ideal choice for prefabricated residential projects and new homes.

Kitchen Extension

Our experienced team specialises in fast, high quality home extensions. Learn how we can install a new kitchen in your home on a fast and efficient schedule.

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