Stylish lighting solutions for outdoor areas

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Outdoor

The outdoor light, besides adding beauty to the environment, should also be functional and bring safety to those who want to enjoy the space. There are several types to consider, which need careful planning so that the product meets your needs and expectations.

If you want to make your garden, the front of your house or driveway much more stylish and elegant, prior knowledge of types of outdoor lighting and the perfect placement will provide effective results.


Spotlights can be floor or wall-mounted. Spotlights provide a more directed light when the beam of light is directed downwards, providing beauty, visibility and safety to those in the garden. Spotlights are suitable for lighting paths, stairs, steps or any elements that are close to the ground.

Lamp posts or pillar lights 

Both have the same purpose, to bring verticality to the light source. The idea is to install this type of light on lawns or along the pathway, to light up the passage in style.

Recessed lights

Ground recessed spotlights are installed in small holes in the garden, which is why the installation needs to be done with more planning. This type of garden light is resistant and has a long life span. Recessed ground lights can highlight architectural details, greenary, as well as provide lighting on the side of paths.

Fairy lights

Strings of lights or fairy lights bring a warm and charming touch to the garden. This type of garden light is extremely versatile and can be hung from trees, trellises, columns in the garden and roof edges.

Design lights

Lanterns illuminate the any space and environment in an intimate and delicate manner. They can be easily placed in the environment, either on the ground or hanging from trees or trellises since their structure does not require electrical wiring. Several types of lanterns exist in different shapes, colours, sizes and styles.


The sconce is a type of garden fixture that provides soft indirect vertical lighting. This type of garden light is suitable for lighting balconies, terraces, walls, pathway areas and walls around the property. Industrial, rustic and colonial sconces are the most common styles available. 

What is the best light colour for the garden?

For those who want to create a beautiful lighting concept in the garden, the best colour temperature to enhance the plants are yellowish tones, as they highlight the colours and create a more natural effect in the space. However, if the idea is just to brighten up the environment, you can opt for a garden light with a white tone.

In more relaxed designs, it is possible to find coloured garden light models in shades of green, pink or blue, but be careful not to overdo the composition and create a visually unpleasant environment.

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