Getting a Shed Built: What Are the Essentials of the Design?

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Outdoor

A shed is an essential addition to any garden. But before you think of the shed design, you need careful planning to get the most out of your structure. The shed will be permanent, and you want to ensure that you can use it for several years. Then, you have to ask yourself the type of storage space you require. Make a list of the items you want to store, as this will determine the garden shed’s size and design.

Purpose of the garden shed

Often, the size and design of the shed will depend on its purpose. If it is only for storage, determine what you will be storing, as well as the value of the items. If the shed is going to be your workshop, there should be enough headroom and ample space to move around and work. There should be good lighting, so consider electricity, double doors, and windows. Also, consider heating and insulation if you plan to spend plenty of time working in it. 

Size of the shed 

Again, the shed’s size will depend on the purpose and items you want to store in it. Measure and mark out the space you choose. The measurements are for the exterior of the shed. Do not earmark a spot under a tree, as it will limit the height of your shed. If the space is limited, consider lean-to styles that will fit a wall or a corner shed that will provide you with a right-angled area. 

The shape of the roof

The purpose of the shed and the space you need to work inside the shed will determine your choice of roof shape. An apex roof is the traditional triangle-shaped style, with two sloping sides. The peak of the roof gives the most headroom inside. A pent roof slopes in one direction, often with the roof higher at the front. In a reverse pent roof, the highest point is at the rear of the shed. 

Material to use

Most garden sheds are made from wood, although you can also use metal or plastic. Wood is typically the top choice because many shapes and styles are available. Wood sheds blend well with the surroundings and are quite durable. Applying wood treatments will prevent the wood from warping and succumbing to different weather conditions. 

You can cover the roof and walls with tile-effect shingles for extra protection. When you consider cladding, your options include tongue and groove, shiplap, or overlap. The latter comprises individual overlapping wood strips nailed in place. In the tongue and groove style cladding, the wood strips interlock. As a result, they give the shed a neater and sleeker appearance. Shiplap is another version of tongue and groove cladding with scalloped strips. If you need overlap cladding, click here to find a wide selection of overlap cladding and other styles.  Ensure that your garden shed design includes a strong roof, sturdy doors, thick frames, and high-quality materials that will last a long time.

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