Composting Decking – The Most Eco-Friendly Option for Homeowners in the UK

by | May 18, 2023 | Outdoor

If you are a property owner or a home improvement professional seeking an easy-to-maintain and long-lasting garden flooring solution, composite decking boards are an excellent choice. They are known in the industry to be more durable and resilient than other equally popular outdoor flooring products. This is mainly because they are produced from a mix of recycled natural and synthetic materials.

This article will explain why composite decking is the most eco-friendly option for homeowners. We’ll also offer replies to some of your most common questions.

Range of Composite Decking Boards

Composite decking boards complement nearly any style with an extensive array of colours, designs, and textures.

Most composite decking boards have a seamless, ridged, or semblance-to-wood finish and are available in an extensive range of available colours, from charcoal black to oak to ivory, among others.

Benefits of Using Composite Decking Boards

Installing composite decking boards in your outdoor garden space can be beneficial in many more ways than just visual appeal, including the following:

Very Low Upkeep

Homeowners are always busy so the idea of installing low upkeep products like composite boards appeals to them. Composite decking boards are known in the home improvement industry to be simple to maintain, unlike wood decking. They don’t require any extra treatment to guard against severe weather, and when kept neat, they last for a lot longer.

Highly Long Lasting

They combine both natural and synthetic elements, giving them the finest qualities of both worlds—beautiful appearances and solid cores. Composite decking boards are resistant to moisture and discoloration and will withstand wear and tear without showing visible damage.


Most composite decking boards in the market are all manufactured from sixty percent recycled wood and forty percent recycled plastic, which makes them totally recycled and far more environmentally friendly than timber options.

Maximum Safety

 The wooden grains and ridges on both sides of composite decking boards have been designed to be slip-resistant, resulting in far less hazardous alternatives to other kinds of decking, particularly in more humid areas and conditions.

Improved Resale Value

 If you ever decide to list your home on the market, having beautiful outdoor decking is only going to enhance the appearance of the yard and, in turn, boost the market value of your property in the eyes of potential buyers. Composite decking boards are an excellent investment for both the present and the future, whether you decide to use them or not.


What elements make up composite decking?

Most composite decking boards are manufactured from a combination of hardwood fibres and synthetic components like plastic.

Are composite decks more affordable than wood decks?

Composite decking boards tend to have a bit more initial cost than timber, just owing to the laborious process that goes into manufacturing them. But as they are more durable and resilient, the return on investment is higher.

Is composite decking superior to wood decking?

Yes, composite decking is more resistant to warp and rot over time than timber decking since it is more resilient.

Is composite decking an eco-friendly product?

This all comes down to where the source of the raw materials – most composite components have been recycled and responsibly sourced, ensuring they are an appealing eco-friendly solution.

Can composite decking boards be painted or stained?

Most composite decking boards are unsuitable for staining or painting and typically won’t ever have to be – as they are available in an extensive range of colours and designs already. But if you’ve ever felt inclined to repaint your decking, there are some brands that handle paint well.

How should composite decking boards be cleaned?

You will need soapy, warm water and a brush or delicate fabric for wiping down your decking boards. Although there are some cleaning products that are specifically designed for composite surfaces, you should generally steer away from chemical and abrasive-based products because they could compromise the quality of your decking.

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