Wooden Spiral Staircases by Silvanus Interiors

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Home


Spiral staircases have always been one of those features in a home that we’d love to have. Instead of plain-old straight stairs that add no character to your home, a spiral staircase provides the interior of your home with an exciting alternative.

This kind of staircase can provide any home with an open-plan design, and most contemporary designers would jump at the opportunity to install one in a modern house!

If you’re a huge fan of spiral staircases but don’t know how to incorporate them into the existing style of your home, we’re sure that this wooden staircase from Silvanus Interiors will assure you that they can be installed effectively in any house:

Wooden, Traditional Design


Because the surrounding design of the stairway mainly consists of natural tones and colours, the designer has decided to use wooden materials to create the spiral staircase. We especially love this technique as it ties in the stairs with the interior design to give a natural look, looking homely whilst still classic.

Landing Area



The landing area of the home has been featured as part of the design, as we can see above with the handrail that runs along the balcony area. It uses the same wooden and steel materials as the rest of the staircase and the space uses naturally-coloured carpet again, to tie in with the natural colour scheme.

Stainless Steel Accents





Stainless steel combined with wood is one of our favourite combinations because of how incredible it looks when used tastefully. To compliment the spiral features of the actual staircase, there are also added detailing with a similar spiral shape on the handrail supports.




When we look down from the landing, the view is great. Who wouldn’t want this kind of feature in their own home?

Are you as big a fan of these wooden spiral stairs as we are?

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