Modern Apartment Decor: How to Design Your Apartment to Be Unique

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Home

Your apartment is your home.

 It might not be your permanent residence because, like everyone else, you want to have your own big home in the future, but in the meantime, you can take the time to decorate your apartment in a way that showcases your unique personality.

Give it that homey feel even if you are limited by landlord laws, rental rules, and spruce the space up with some strategic and modern design ideas.

Here are some ways to uniquely decorate your apartment and make it an extension of your personality.

Install space saver shelves – hanging shelves are a big trend today. It maximises your wall spaces, and it is a good way to showcase your books, photos, artwork, plants, and other mementos in your apartment. Shelves made of metal and wood are always good choices because it goes with all kinds of interiors so, in a few years, you can revamp the look of your apartment again and still use the same pieces. You can combine your floating shelves with the traditional ones and save a lot of space. Mercury Row and Classic Living have good shelf options that you can check out.

Light it up with Pendant Light Fixtures – these decorative, space saver lights add a modern touch to your home, and are known for their versatility, affordability, and luminance. There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to finding the ones that will complement your apartment distinctively. Check out the collection of lighting at Furniture Fuse and you are sure to find the perfect ones that match your apartment and your budget. Aside from leaving your room brighter than the traditional light bulbs, these decorative pieces are pocket friendly too.

Light up your apartment with these pieces of modern art.

Play wise with the colours – for a modern look, always have a neutral base, then splash in your choice colour. Nothing is stopping you from going all out vibrant or keeping it toned down. It is your space, so colour it your way.  Again, your colour palette can make your space uniquely yours. You can turn into a sophisticated haven or an apartment oozing with colours. It can be your playground of hues. Dark and polished walls produce a chic backdrop, and you can line it up with bold and colour-popping designs. A neutral palette can give your apartment a clean and fresher look. Create your pattern and colour scheme. Another recommendation? Go crazy over wallpapers. For a totally artsy vibe, explore the designs of Walls 4U.

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