How Can Landlords Make Their Rental Properties More Energy Efficient?

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The property industry has always been a competitive one. And despite the fact that there is presently an abundance of demand, landlords still need to ensure that their properties are appealing to prospective renters. Today’s renter is quite discerning; and with a recession looming,  and fuel poverty affecting more than half of the UK’s households, many will of course be eyeing properties with energy efficient features. Naturally, therefore property owners who invest in these energy saving features will have an edge over the competition. So what do property owners need to do to make their properties more energy efficient? Actually, quite a few upgrades can help. We will explore some below.

Build Green from the Start

Landlords who have acquired flatpack homes already have a head start on the competition when it comes to energy efficiency as these units are designed to conserve energy. Additional upgrades such as solar units will tip the scales further in your favour if you want to add another level of energy efficiency. Property owners who are building should consider these types of structures. Any planned renovations should incorporate the flatpack building technology if possible.

Upgrades that Promote Energy Efficient Heating

Insulation helps to keep warm air inside and lowers the costs of heating as well as the energy used to heat the building. Unsealed doors and windows, damaged seals, cracks and other similar faults are bad for energy efficiency. They allow heat to escape which means more energy is used to keep the building warm. Repairing them helps to eliminate this waste. If the building has an old boiler (especially those older than 20 years) it may be time for an upgrade. Older boilers lose energy efficiency over time. In fact, after 10-15 years, the energy efficiency of most boilers will start to decline.

Financing the Green Move

In order to cover the costs that come with going green, property owners may need to seek the assistance of financial institutions. Thankfully, many lenders have created loan products under their green initiatives to facilitate energy efficient property upgrades.

Landlords with sitting tenants have a crucial role to play in the elimination of fuel poverty among the UK’s residents and the most impactful way for them to play this role is by improving the energy efficiency rating of their properties.  Additionally, increasing fuel efficiency is a smart investment as properties that offer energy saving features will no doubt attract renters more than those that don’t, especially now that the recession has hit the UK.

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