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by | Oct 19, 2017 | Home

When most people decorate their homes they really do not bother themselves to look at the outdated styles. What most people do is to browse the latest styles and trends. If you are really looking forward to having a classic looking home then you must also know the styles that have gone out of fashion. Most interior home designers will not speak about outdated styles unless you have asked them. Some of the decorations which are on their way out are tufted sofas, mirrored furniture and industrial bar stools to mention just a few. Just imagine winning a cash prize at Canadian online casinos or national lottery for your home décor. What would you buy to make your home beautiful?

2017 is marking the death of tufted sofas according to e-commerce experts. The experts explain that this year saw a decrease in the buying of tufted sofas by up to 75%. The attractive look of the tufted sofas is being changed for better-looking ones. People are now opting for 1920s Tuxedo sofas. With the modern touches to these classic sofas, it is really just a matter of time before they are back in fashion.

Another thing which is out style is metallic throw pillows. They started decreasing in popularity during 2016. This goes for anything feminine as well. The metallic throw pillows decreased in demand by 58% last year. They have been overtaken by the Athleisure pillows in popularity. These do away with feminine styles and embrace a much more masculine look. Most of these are leather pillows.

Industrial bar stools and chairs used to be in every home but it now seems like the glory days of this style are over. They saw a decrease of 19% in demand last year. People are actually exchanging them for Midcentury bar stools. The iconic shaped midcentury bar tools are replacing the old industrial bar stools.

Another thing that is making its way out is mirrored furniture. When it was trendy, Paris Hilton had inspired most young women to have mirrored facets in their homes as well as faux fur. However, ladies are moving on to new styles regardless of the fact that previous styles were inspired by Paris Hilton. The new trend is natural stone accents.


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