Easy renovation tips to avoid hitting your house ceiling price

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Design, DIY Tips, Home

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, chances are there are some projects you want to carry out to ensure that you get the best possible price when the time comes.

However, whilst some home renovations can make for a quicker sell, the cost of these won’t always be reflected in the sale price.

You may not know that there are certain tricks you can employ to keep the price of the work you do down, while seeing an increase in your home’s value.

If you’re looking to sell, read on to find what areas you should be focusing on renovating to maximise the value without hitting your house price ceiling.

Consider the selling points

When you’re renovating a property for profit, keep in mind the points which a potential buyer will want to see, before they even arrange a viewing.

These points will include: the area that the property is located in; the size, particularly the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the amenities such as off-road parking or a garden.

If you can improve these points by creating an extra bedroom with a loft conversion, or providing off-road parking by building a garage, you are sure to see improvement at your next house valuation.

Bathroom suites

You may think a new bathroom costs thousands of pounds, but it doesn’t need to.

Great value bathroom suites can be bought without breaking the bank and instantly make the place brighter and more appealing to future home owners.

Swapping out your worn out bath for a stunning new shower enclosure helps modernise the room. This is more attractive to potential buyers and means they will be willing to pay more.

Splash some paint

One of the best ways to save on your renovation is to avoid spending a small fortune on wallpaper, and instead opt for a coat of light paint.

Certain paint colours will instantly brighten your room
, and make the space appear bigger, which can make a huge difference to those looking to buy!

Kitchen cupboard doors

If you can get away with it, save money by replacing only the kitchen doors and worktops instead of opting for an entirely new kitchen.

This means that you can easily bring your property up to scratch, without spending too much in the process and avoid hitting your house ceiling price.

Loft Insulation

Adding loft insulation easily beats tiling or replacing a whole new roof and is a lot greener than whacking up your heating!

The best part is that if you meet certain criteria you can access grants to help you pay for this process, and it is a major plus point for buyers who want to keep bills down.

Following this advice can help you to keep your spends down and your profits up when renovating your home and help ensure you’re in the best possible position when you come to sell.

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