5 garden hacks to get your garden Spring ready

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5 garden hacks to get your garden Spring ready

The weather getting warmer and the days getting longer can only mean one thing; Spring has finally arrived! Making sure your garden is prepared and raring to go to take on what the season has to offer should be a priority over the coming weeks. To help you prepare here are five great ideas for your garden to help make the transition a little easier!

Start growing seedlings indoors

Starting the growing process at the right time is crucial to ensure you don’t miss the Spring boat altogether. For most flowers this means starting to nurture seedlings indoors.

There are a variety of ways you can do this but perhaps the most creative example is to make use of half of a lemon or orange. Fill the rind with soil and cut a hole through the bottom to allow water to filter through. The lemon or orange is biodegradable once placed into soil. It is easily the most Instagram-worthy option and you needn’t worry about the impact of the acidic citrus peel on the alkaline soil. Soil is self-regulating and will counteract the added acidity with ease.

Make sure your soil is set to go

Having soil that is receptive to the addition of new seeds is vital assuming you want to give your little seeds any chance at all of going out and developing in the outdoor battleground.

In order to make your soil suitable for this invasion of seeds, it is critical to turn over the soil with a pitchfork and rid the soil of any pesky, life-sapping weeds.

Go for a pint

On the subject of pests, slugs are another garden barbarian that is best disposed of. One of the more interesting ways to achieve this end is to leave out a shallow cup/bowl of beer overnight. Whilst this seems like the kind of morbid experiment you’d expect from a science student’s house party, it is actually the most painless way to rid your garden of slugs.

Composing compost

You would imagine that making compost involved all the creativity and resourcefulness of a Sunday league centre-half booting the ball into row Z. However that is not quite the case.

Compost is the nutrient-rich provider to all plants and can be made by re-using what would otherwise be green waste. Things like food scraps, leaves and lawn clippings can all be repurposed as compost; transforming decaying waste into the lifeblood of a new generation of plants.

Cater for our feathered friends

Birds have been our ally in the battle against garden pests for centuries and with a new war set to take place over the coming months you need to make sure you don’t neglect their needs.

Investing in a bird bath is a good place to start. Birds are attracted to the baths as a source of water for washing and drinking and this will ensure you can enlist their help against garden pests.

Late spring sees the peak of pests in the garden. Fortunately, this overlaps with the breeding season of birds, meaning they are on hand to capture the unwanted visitors to feed their hatchlings.

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