Proptech Security Technologies To Consider When Investing In A Flatpack Home

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Finance

Flat pack communities are becoming more popular in the UK and across Europe. The homes are affordable and incredibly earth-friendly, and the designs are breathtaking. If you are considering investing in a flatpack community, you must also consider safety and security. Issues brought about by the pandemic, visitor management, and access control are some of the most common safety concerns in flatpack communities. 

Fortunately, emerging technologies in home security are bailing us out. They will help you address these concerns conveniently and effectively. Here are a few technologies to think about before you invest.  

Touchless access and remote management technologies

As we deal with the aftershocks of the pandemic, a new buzz phrase has emerged in real estate – the clean building. COVID control measures forced building owners and managers to adopt hygiene measures to ensure safety and wellbeing in settings with multiple occupants. 

Although nearly everyone is vaccinated, the threat of COVID and other outbreaks is still there. Contact-free Proptech solutions like touchless doors at the gate, unit level, and within the unit should be at the top of your mind. Also, consider technologies that provide remote management capabilities of shared community spaces. Technologies such as touchless gates and app-controlled door locks are among the top Proptech solutions to consider. 

They help you manage geographic access and movement, enhancing occupant experience and boosting physical security. 

Smart video security systems

Touchless access control technologies will enhance the hygiene capabilities. However, they will not do much against an intentional intruder. To guard against this, leading access control installers would also implement AI-enhanced video security systems alongside the access control system installation. They can help you validate that only authorized people can enter the community. 

Intelligent cameras with sophisticated video capabilities enable operations like facial recognition, motion detection, and tamper detection. They help you manage access and can automatically set off building management triggers based on the events at the access site. For example, when a contractor visits to do some repairs, you can set up the systems to allow only the authorized person. The systems can also send signals granting access at respective sites only. This enables better management of the “bigger picture” and makes it easier to put subsequent health, safety, and security features. 

Seamless and convenient visitor check-in at the gate

Speaking of contractors and other visitors to the flatpack community, a check-in station at the gate is crucial for security purposes. But it should be seamless and comfortable – impressing only the best experience to the visitor. 

Adopting technologies like smart check-in booths will help you achieve this. The booths are equipped with instruments like automatic thermal scanners, no-contact sign-in options, and QR code scanners. 

Smart check-in booths enable flawless experiences for you and your visitors. They also ensure you maintain superior hygiene and physical security standards. 

Mobile-based credentials for shared spaces

Previously, each occupant in a community setup carried a key to access the shared spaces. This was to enhance security and responsibility. However, landlords received endless requests for copies and replacements because occupants frequently misplaced their set of keys. These losses also meant frequent changing of the locks. However, thanks to emerging Proptech security solutions, that is ancient history. 

Consider setting up mobile-based credentials that grant access to shared spaces. Each occupant would have unique credentials (the key) to access shared spaces. They wouldn’t have to worry about where to store it – it is in their phone. This takes away the hassle of carrying multiple keys. For the building owner, it is a double relief. There will be no more requests for copies when an occupant loses their key and when an occupant moves out, you can simply erase the credentials and set up new ones. 

App-controlled sensors

Consider installing app-controlled sensors to check intruders and remind you to take control measures. You can install the sensors on doors, windows and hallways. They can detect when you are in the house and when you leave. They can notice if you left a window open or a back door unlocked and alert you. Of course, when you are not at home, you can activate them via the app, and they can help avert intrusions. On the other hand, when you are not at home and want someone to access the space, you can always turn them off via the app. 

Proptech technologies to consider in a flatpack, a final word

Setting up a flatpack kit is simpler than conventional homes. Thanks to developments in Proptech security solutions, securing your home is no longer a sophisticated activity. Investing in these technologies and integrating them will help you augment physical security, health management, and visitor management activities in a flatpack community. It will improve occupant and visitor experiences, thus, boosting your return on investment.

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