What Not To Do While Installing Skirting Boards

by | Oct 14, 2022 | DIY Tips

It’s crucial to know how to fit a skirting board, whether you’ve just purchased some or are about to do so shortly. Unless the flooring will be carpeted, in which case it is preferred to place skirting boards first so that the carpet may be attached to a clean, straight edge, skirting boards should generally be fitted after the flooring has been laid to ensure a neat finish. When replacing skirting boards, you must carefully remove the old skirting to protect any nearby wall surfaces.

Skirting boards are utilized to conceal wall and floor joint spaces. It covers the gaps needed to accommodate the contractions and expansions that every home experiences while protecting the bottom of the wall. Unless you’re building a house from the ground up, your home probably already has most of its skirting boards installed. But changing your boards is simple and a terrific approach to giving your house a good facelift. This post will enable you to comprehend the things to avoid during the fitting process, whether you’re installing a modern or classic skirting board.

Avoid Drilling Holes Too Closely To Your Skirting’s Edge

Before using nails or screws to fasten the skirting board securely against the wall, it is crucial to make a hole through the board into the wall. This makes it simpler and more secure for the nail to attach to the wall. However, don’t drill too close to the board’s edge. The wood may split as a result. To avoid damaging the edge, attempt to drill the holes at least 2 inches away. Furthermore, if you aren’t conversant with how to put on a skirting board, it is best to seek professional help.

Avoid Drilling or Hammering Underneath a Plug Socket

Drilling or nailing through a socket runs the risk of damaging the wiring, which might lead to an accident or fire. Avoid installing nails or screws under plug sockets while installing a skirting board next to one. Before nailing, ensure you utilize a cable detector to look for concealed electrical and pipe wires.

Avoid Adding Skirting To the Walls before Laying the Carpet

Skirting boards are the best option for wall edge protection, attractiveness, and decoration, but if they are not installed correctly, they may seriously harm the walls. To avoid scratching or damage from the flooring materials, ensure the flooring is finished before the boards are attached. Also, always pay close attention to how the skirting board is installed.

When properly installed, especially by experts, skirting boards improve the visual value of your home. And by avoiding the mistakes above, you can ensure that your baseboards are installed correctly and last as long as possible.

Acquire the Appropriate Tools and Materials

When it comes to good and expert fitting, tools and quality matter a lot; skirting boards may be made out of various kinds of wood, and the kind chosen depends on desire. However, the choice of the material significantly impacts durability, texture, and finish. Ensure the equipment you use to measure, cut, and fit your skirting boards is effective to achieve consistency and the proper quality. Check out and get the best equipment and available boards before thinking about how to put on a skirting board. Tools that aren’t up to par make a project appear shoddy overall.

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