Up-cycled Wood Ideas

by | Dec 8, 2022 | DIY Tips

If you’re going for that eco-friendly vibe that’s also kind to your wallet, upcycling and repurposing old materials, such as wood, may be right up your street. With natural textures being bang on trend for 2022. And with expectations of continuing into 2023, adding some repurposed wood features to your home is sure to give your space a rustic, yet chic feel and increase the overall property value.

When you’re longing for a wooden finish to your home, figuring out exactly how to repurpose your wood can be the tricky part. With the internet swarming with ideas and trends, how should you use it, and where? We want to share our greatest tips and tricks for making the most of your reclaimed wood.

Rustic Shelving

One easy and budget-friendly idea for upcycling wood is to create some stylish, rustic shelving. With urban home trends on the rise, blending modern spaces with rugged and industrial materials has a tight grip on 2022, and is expected to continue well into 2023.

Creating a DIY shelf is a simple and straightforward job for the amateur wood carpenter, and the key to this style is that it doesn’t have to look perfect. It doesn’t matter how rugged your shelving looks, just claim it’s part of the feature! Extra points for patchy paintwork for added raw style.

Make your shelving a feature point in your home with some aesthetic books and a couple of houseplants, and your guests will be requesting one for their homes too!

Reclaimed Wooden Headboard

Investing in a headboard for your bed doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for an interesting feature to spice up your bedroom decor, why not make your own?

With wood coming in a huge variety of textures, colours and thicknesses, you can design a feature piece for your very own bed that will have your neighbours asking where you bought it. If you enjoyed our pallet bed hack, why not try crafting a headboard out of some upcycled wooden pallets? Adding a stylish, urban vibe to any modern bedroom. Or, knock together some different shades and textures of wood to create a stunning piece to give your space some depth and dimension.

If you’re finding yourself a little out of your depth with your DIY project, jump online and find a joiner. A joiner will be able to bring your vision to life with their specialist skills.

Pallet Beds

Beds can be pricey at the best of times, so why not take advantage of this year’s minimalist, natural trends by making your own bed? DIY pallet beds are extremely affordable and easy to make. Simply nail together some old pallet crates to your preferred size, and add a mattress, pillows and bedding for comfort. Creating a pallet bed frame that’s a little larger than your mattress can help to emphasise the overall look of the piece, as well as give you room to place your phone, book or glass of water while you sleep.

Stack up multiple pallets and nail them together for added height if you’re not fond of sleeping so close to the floor. Stacking pallets one on top of the other is a great way to create a unique storage solution, as you can utilise the spaces between slats to display your shoes or store your other knick knacks!

DIY Wall Mirror

Adding a mirror to any room can give the illusion of a larger space, but a decent mirror doesn’t come cheap and can quite often set you back a couple of hundred. Grab yourself a chunk of mirrored glass (otherwise known as reflective glass) for a much lower cost, and get to work on a DIY reclaimed wooden frame.

To do so, simply decide how large you’d like your frame to be, and cut some reclaimed wood to the relevant size to create a back to the mirror. Cut your mirrored glass a few inches smaller than the wooden backing (this may come in pre-cut sizes, or can be done in most hardware stores). Measure and cut some framing pieces from your wood, ensuring they join at the edges. Place your mirrored glass in the centre of your wooden backing (this can be glued down to make the process easier), and screw the front framing slabs to the backing piece. A strong industrial glue can also be used in place of nails to keep the pieces in place.

Use this process to create any size or style of mirror, from a small wall mirror to a large leaning mirror – whatever your style!

Cute Coffee Table

Got a slap of old wood lying around in your backyard? Why not add some legs and bring it to life? One of the simplest and most effective methods of reclaiming wood in your home is to create your own coffee table, or desk. Since this item of furniture may be used on the regular, ensure you sand down the surface and edges to avoid splinters and injuries. Give your wood a coat of wood stain or sealant to keep it well protected from spilt drinks and excess dust, and wait for it to fully dry.

Table legs can be cut from more reclaimed wood, or head down to your local hardware store for some unique table legs to match your home style. Dress up your table with some flowers or a houseplant and you’re good to go!

Garden Path

Reclaimed wood doesn’t have to just be used within the home, you can also apply it to aspects of your garden. If you’re looking to bring some natural textures into your backyard, try creating a cool walkway with some slats of old wood.

Ensure you seal your wood before using it outdoors, to avoid damage from the elements and rot. And place your wood pathway on a soft, even surface, such as soil, to avoid it from moving around and prevent injury.

Adorn either side of your pathway with some stunning natural colour and greenery to create that perfect fairytale, woodland feel.

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