The Best Creative Projects to Do In Summer

by | Jul 31, 2023 | DIY Tips

Summer can have a great effect on people, it can make us more outdoorsy and even more productive. If you’re one of those people who loves this time of year, we’ve compiled a list of the best creative projects to do during the season. So read on and choose your favourite!

Create or Fix Outdoor Furniture

Of course, you want a reason to get outside so here’s one you can do in the garden: creating or fixing your outdoor furniture.

Perhaps your outdoor sofa’s fabric has been subject to wear and tear from the elements? Patch it up with your upholstery skills. Just because the legs are wonky, doesn’t mean it’s over for the sofa. Some new sofa feet will breathe life back into your outdoor relaxation space.

This project can be done with patio chairs, benches, or even a lounge chair. You could also build a table as part of an outdoor dining area. Materials needed for this task include:

  • An outdoor appropriate fabric of your choice
  • Upholstery foam for padding
  • Batting to prevent slippage and add insulation
  • Staple gun (type will be based on how thick your fabric is)
  • Scissors (again, size and strength depend on fabric thickness)
  • Screwdriver (if necessary for disassembling)

Outdoor Bar

This will look great the next time you have friends over for a drink. Use wooden pallets to build yourself a stylish and functional outdoor bar, perfect for serving up drinks and creating cocktails. Having a countertop is all it takes but you can add more to it, such as shelves. A coat of paint in the colour of your choice will also complete the look. It’ll make a great way to entertain guests.

DIY Birdhouse

Are you a budding birdwatcher? If you haven’t satisfied your woodworking skills with the outdoor bar above, or if you’re not much of a drinker, then how about a DIY birdhouse instead? It just takes some materials such as plywood, some nails, screws and tools and you should be able to put something together.

Create a freestanding birdhouse or simply build one that can be hung up somewhere such as a fence or tree.

Not only can it create a pleasant ambiance, adding birdsong and life to your garden, but you could develop a new hobby too. See if you can attract some interesting species of bird with your creation and then take photos.

Grow a Garden

Not so much a DIY project as the previous ideas, but it may still involve putting some bits up such as fences and dedicated raised bed areas for crops. The rest will be up to whatever you decide to grow, be it flowers, fruit, vegetables or herbs.

Flowers can add beautiful colour to your garden, whilst fruit and vegetables could be used in delicious summer meals.

Arts and Crafts

If you only feel like doing some small projects from time to time whilst you’re out in the garden, then don’t worry, we have a few suggestions for you too…

Flower Pot Painting

Inject a blast of colour into your life by painting your flower pots vibrant colours. Draw patterns of your choosing and add some personality to your garden or balcony.

Tie Dye Your Clothing

If painting your flowerpots isn’t enough colour for you, then how about tie dyeing your clothing? You can experiment with the technique on your T-shirts, shorts, vest and practically anything else. It’s a fun and creative way to customise and enhance your summer wardrobe. Tie dye clothing makes the perfect outfit for festivals too.

Get Creative With Mason Jars

Mason jars are great for adding some light to your garden as they are suitable for making both candles and for outdoor lights.

Using the jars, some citronella oil and candle wicks you can add some cosy atmosphere to your garden in the evenings and it will also keep mosquitoes and bugs away.

For the garden lights, all you’ll need is to place LED string lights inside the jars. These lights can be battery operated or solar powered. The solar power ones will have a lid that is designed to fit the mason jaw and absorb sunlight. You can then easily place them around the garden wherever you choose.

Make This Summer a Creative One

Remember to choose projects that you’ll enjoy doing and that match your skill level, you might even learn a new trade when doing so. Don’t forget safety, enjoy yourself and have a fantastically creative summer.

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