Living In A Small Home: How To Create More Storage Space

by | Dec 1, 2022 | DIY Tips

When you live in a small home, it might be difficult to keep the space free of clutter. That is when you need to start thinking about how you can maximise your storage solutions. Use your creativity and try to come up with other ways of using the furniture you already have. Think of all the places where you can store your possessions in a way that will look intentional and neat. It does not need to be difficult. You only need to think outside of the box. Here are simple ways how to create more storage space when you are living in a small home.

Buy Furniture With Built-In Storage

Small homes can be very limiting when it comes to storage. One of the most straightforward ways of maximising the space is to get furniture with built-in storage. That can be, for instance, a sofa. However, you can also get a bed that will give you more space to work with. Retailers such as Odd Size Beds offer custom-made divan beds that will fit the size of your home perfectly and solve your storage problems simultaneously. Do not forget to pick a mattress that will be comfortable and allow you to sleep throughout the whole night.

Use Hooks To Get More Storage Space

Flooding your home with an infinite amount of shelves, wardrobes, and boxes can only make the space look more cluttered and messy. Therefore, you should try to work with the vertical space you have available and try to hang some hooks. This way, you can store your belts, coats or even bags. Or you can use the hook to hang an organiser where you can store your cosmetics or other small necessities. To make it even before, the options of where you can place the hooks are endless. Whether it is on the wall, furniture or the back of your door, you will always manage to find more space.

Get Furniture That Has More Than One Purpose

If you would like to save space in your home, try working with furniture that can have more than one purpose. For instance, there is convertible furniture that can easily transform from one thing to another. Or you can keep things simple and work with your imagination. Your shelving unit can easily become a workplace where you can type your days away on the laptop. Simultaneously, you can use small baskets to store all your work necessities on the shelves around you. Or a stool can also serve as a small coffee table where you can put your afternoon snacks.

Utilise The Area Above Your Cabinets

Storing things on top of your cabinets can make your home look messy if you do not have any system. However, you can easily make such storage seem elegant and intentional at the same time. Consider getting baskets or crates where you could store some of the things you do not need too often. You can label these and put them on top of your cabinets. With the added structure, the storage solution will look cleaner and more sophisticated.

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