How to Make A House A Home

by | Mar 25, 2015 | blog, DIY Tips, Home

New houses, whether built, bought or rented, are daunting things to make into a home. That bare series of rooms and corridors can be an intimidating canvas, a melange of empty walls and unadorned floors just begging for a homely decoration you aren’t sure you can provide. This guide will touch on those fears, and offer some helpful starting points from which to make your house well and truly a home.

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There is no tried and tested formula for ‘homeliness’. However, there are some principal considerations to make which might open up roads to your house becoming your number 1 cosy space. While the furniture you choose for your new home is of high importance, as we will discuss later, it isn’t the be all and end all. The psychology of a home is your overriding concern: does this house and its décor reflect me as a person, and do I feel connected to the space around me? We will be keeping these thoughts in mind as we walk through the steps to a complete home.

First things first, planning is key. Before shipping out to your nearest furniture shop, you need to know exactly what spaces you’re working with and their dimensions, allowing you to tailor the perfect layout for each individual room – a floor plan of your house is vital. This will help you avoid the pitfalls of ill-fitting furniture and poorly-flowing space, and also in considering the house’s décor.

Décor is the next crucial step. In keeping with the above questions, the overriding, conjoining elements of the room’s look need to be known in advance. Turning a house into a home is down to you and the personal effects that come with you from home to home; the individual trinkets, objects and works that to you signify home, be it heirlooms, picture frames, or your favourite rugs. The décor, then, must subtly tie all these together. Collect swatches from your nearest paint store, and start to decide what colour the walls should be with this in mind. Warm, neutral colours are most likely to best facilitate the pulling-together of your space.

With layout and décor firmly in mind, you can now think about your furniture. Pine furniture often works best against light, warm colours, and as such would work with the walls to produce a perfect canvas for your personality. While cupboards and cabinets undoubtedly transform a common living area, they are there primarily as conduits for your personal effects. The bed, however, is of the most important pieces of furniture to consider; you spend a third of your life on and around it particularly important that it accommodates you in the best possible way. The range available in the Spring sale at Bedstar is wide enough that you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect frame and mattress for your space.

With furniture in place, only one thing can be left to do: move in. It is this final motion that cements your house as a home, as the rooms become hosts to the things in your life that mean the most to you. Given fresh paint on the walls and new furniture in the rooms, the spaces might at first feel crisp, new, perhaps unhomely – but with a week of tweaking, moving about your possessions and living in, you will start to shine through your house, and change it irrevocably into a space perfect for you.

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