What is the Best Way to Light up Your New Staircase

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Design

So, you’ve made plans for your new or replacement staircase and can’t wait for it to be put in. Now is the time to consider other important things. One of these is what lighting you choose. The choice of lighting can make a significant difference to the look of not only your staircases in Bolton but the surrounding area as well. Lighting is also a big part of making sure that your family and any guests can use your stairs safely and easily. So in this article, we have looked at some of the different types of lighting available and how they can be used to enhance the look of your home.

What are the Basics When it Comes to Staircase Lighting

 Two of the main considerations when it comes to lighting a staircase are:

  • Where should I put the lights on my stairway?
  • What kind of lighting is ideal?

Depending on how you have designed your staircase and your goals, the answer to these questions is likely to differ.

No one wants to knock their heads on the lights above the stairway, so if you want to hang ceiling lights there, for instance, make sure to keep the height over 7 feet. If there isn’t enough room to hang lights, you may decide to use a recessed option.

What are the Different Kinds of Staircase Lighting Available?

Three options are available to you when it comes to staircase lighting, which is the same as you would use in other parts of your home. When choosing to light your stairs, there is no right or wrong. You could decide on a single type or even a combination of all three. It is whatever suits the area you are illuminating. So, for the uninitiated, here are the different types of lighting that are available to you.

Ambient Lighting

When it comes to lighting that is employed for general purposes, ambient lighting is a perfect choice. The goal of ambient lighting is to provide as much acceptable light in the space as feasible. You’re attempting to produce an even level of light all across the area, so it doesn’t have to be extremely bright.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is set up for particular purposes. For instance, in an area where food preparation is undertaken, such as a kitchen, you would utilise greater illumination. Task lighting on the stairs can serve more as a way of helping anyone using the stairs navigate them safely. So, you could put in LED stair lighting or line the walls or floor with something similar so you don’t have to turn on all the brighter lights in the staircase. This would make it possible for people to get down the stairs safely at night without having to turn on bright, glaring stairwell lighting.

Accent illumination

Accent lighting draws attention to specific ornamental or architectural characteristics in a room. You might not think a staircase must-have accent lighting, but that is dependent on the house. If your staircase is large and the walls are decorated with artwork, you can use wall lights to draw attention to the hanging art.

Even though not every house needs every kind of light on the same staircase, it can give you the style and elegance you want.

The main thing to remember when choosing the right light for your staircase is that there are limitless possibilities, so make sure you take your time and maybe take advice from someone with interior design experience to ensure you get the look you desire.

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