What is Contemporary Kitchen Design?

by | May 10, 2021 | Design

It is relatively easy to confuse between such a traditional kitchen design and a modern kitchen. In most cases, people use these terms interchangeably, which should not be the case. Put simply, a contemporary kitchen design is what you will find in most households right now. On the other hand, a modern kitchen was most prevalent between the 1920s and 1950.

One of the most interesting aspects of such kitchen designs is that you can’t exactly pin it down to one specific design. It is the dynamic nature of these designs that have made them quite popular today. To learn more about these kitchen designs, the design ideas and their benefits, continue reading.

Basic Ideas

Essentially, these kitchens use artificial materials created during the 19th and 20th centuries like chrome, laminate, acrylic, glass, linoleum, steel, plastic, concrete and moulded plywood, among other materials. However, it is also possible to infuse some natural elements like stone, wood, slate and granite to give a kitchen a fantastic makeover.

These materials give your kitchen a warm colour palette while giving it that intricate touch. Some of the design style elements in the kitchen could include;

  • Basic door designs with horizontal or slab lift
  • White of bold-coloured laminate surfaces
  • Inclusion of metallic components, including chrome, copper or steel
  • Accurate geometric lines and angles
  • Frameless cabinets using large but simple hardware
  • Addition of abundant and adjustable lighting options like track lighting

Here are some fantastic design ideas to consider for your kitchen.

The cabinet choices

You can easily distinguish these kitchen cabinets because the emphasis is mostly on the square and rectangular shapes. Typically, you won’t see the frame because it stays hidden by the slab-front doors. These doors don’t have any ornamentations or recessed panels, which gives them a super clean and sleek appeal.

They often reach up to the ceiling to offer enough storage space. Some other features about these cabinets are:

  • Some sections with glass doors
  • Deep drawers
  • Open shelving section

Breakfast bars and islands

islands and breakfast are the centrepieces of any of these kitchens. If you have a kitchen with ample room to accommodate a breakfast bar and an island, you can incorporate it into your kitchen and add some statement with a bit of colour. The breakfast bar can be designed in a way that it becomes part of your island kitchen design. Also, you can choose to let it be part of the kitchen cabinet separating the family room and the kitchen area.

Backsplashes and countertops

You cannot picture these kitchens without some elements of stone in them. Stones like marble and granite are favourites among many. However, in the past few years, people are now shifting focus to recycled glass, quartz and butt, making them grow in popularity.

You can also feature some contrast elements by using wood butcher block countertops for a rustic kitchen design. On the other hand, laminates could also do the trick because they are steadily improving quality as years go by. The advantage of using laminates is that you can get them in an array of colours and designs.

It is also possible to get creative with backsplashes while using decorative tiles. You can also go for tumbled stone, glass mosaic tiles, various ceramic tiles or slate to achieve stunningly beautiful backsplashes.

Colour choices and coordination

You don’t have to limit your colour palette. However, it would be best to go for more subtle colours to achieve that state-of-the-art kitchen appeal. Nevertheless, if you like going all out with colours, then, by all means, do so. A good idea would be to go for a dark stain for a more contemporary feel. The island could be a little grey as well.


When it comes to flooring options, the choices are endless. However, tile and wood are ultimately the best choices. You can also go for popular pattern selections like vinyl plank flooring that is quite easy to maintain. Always keep in mind the element of continuity as you think about your flooring options.


To get the best outcome, you need to blend a mix of different lighting. For instance, for ambient lighting, the best pick would be recessed ceiling lights. You can also consider task lighting like under cabinet lighting or pendant lighting to add some elegance to your kitchen, especially above your island.

As you think about lighting, remember that technology is also important. Therefore, add some smart appliances in your kitchen that you could control using your home. Some of these appliances could include programmable refrigerators, induction cooktop or dishwashers for convenience.

Benefits of these Kitchen Designs

Here are some of the core benefits of these kitchen designs.

  • They are mostly easy to clean, which means they are more hygienic
  • Offer innovative storage solutions
  • Give your home an appealing finish
  • It is easy to integrate smart appliances into these kitchens
  • They limit wastage of space

Overall, these kitchen designs constantly evolve with time. Therefore, always keep an eye out for design trends and ensure that you are not left behind

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