Space Saving Ideas for Your Flat Pack Building

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Design, DIY Tips, Home

Making the decision to have a flat pack home is often borne out of a particular set of needs and wants. Whether embarked on as a self build project or whether the building is made for you, the ideals and goals will be unchanged. Main drivers tend to be budget, eco goals, space saving requirements and speed of set up. Flat packs are Ideal for office spaces, garden rooms, guest rooms and a multitude of other spaces. Finding resourceful solutions to space saving ideas in planning stage is vital for successful implementation.

Plan your space first

Planning the space before embarking on interior fittings and fixtures is essential for success. Once you have the available space measured and allocated work out the square footage or meterage. There’s a very useful construction tool here which also calculates the cost if you know your material costs from the outset. Choosing from prefabricated flat packs helps narrow down the decisions you will have to make as well as the cost. Clever people have already worked out all of the construction elements for you, so all you need to do is decide the sized possibly materials. Working with glass or hard woods will tend to be more expensive than soft woods and plastics. Budget will be honed at this stage often deciding the overall design and construction materials.

Space saving window treatments 

With the growth of tiny houses and ultra space saving buildings, windows dressings are often overlooked as a space saving feature. traditional spaces may use curtains and blinds, however for ultimate space saving window shutters are hard to beat. There’s no protrusion into the room as they will be fitted into a recess or flat mounted on a wall. There’s light control by adjusting slats rather than pulling curtains off to one side. You will not have the worry of cords and cables taking up valuable floor real estate, let alone safety hazards of these in a small space. Companies like The Cheap Shutters Company make sure every fit is perfect, which is especially simple on a new building. Where price is less of an issue than space, shutters can be a great solution.

The value of glass

It’s well known that money invested in a new build should be put into glass. Many architects agree on this as windows and glass doors can make or break a space. It will be more expensive than structural materials like wood, however the returns are incalculable. With its’ well being properties, eco credentials, light filling capabilities, glass will often define a building and make it far more habitable. There will always be requirements such as light reflecting, insulation, security and so forth, but the cost is always outweighed by the results. For thermal properties, which is a requirement for most, this useful U value calculation is worth visiting.

Integrated storage solutions

Possibly the ultimate space saving solution is to design integrated storage into the fabric of the building. With bespoke options available from the original drawings and specs through to value propositions such as well known Scandinavian flat pack giants, there’s no excuse for avoiding this space saving method. Choose integrated storage which compliments the space. Use novel ideas and draw from well proven concepts such as corner storage, under seat storage and alcove storage. The possibilities for saving space are endless, no matter how large your starting point is.

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