How to Charge an Electric Car with Solar Panels

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What takes place if your electric automobile is charged with energy that originates from non-renewable fuel sources? If you want to avoid that the electrical energy with which you charge your auto battery comes from various other polluting power resources, see to it you pick chargers with an environmental certificate or switch to self -consumption and also bill your lorry with your own solar power. In the case of our nation, renewable resources represent around 40% of the electrical energy mix, that is, almost half of the electrical energy that reaches our houses originates from sustainable sources.

However, new technologies have begun to reach the market that allow us to charge electric cars with solar panels , After you have figured out where there are solar panels for sale, and when you have bought a complete set of solar chargers, batteries, inverters and other equipment. eliminating this problem entirely, since the energy comes from a 100% renewable source.

Solar power for your electrical car

There are two ways in development to bill the battery of your electric cars, vans, truck, with solar power and also stay clear of that the power you use originates from non-renewable resources, such as thermoelectric plants, which make use of coal, oil or gas to produce electricity, or nuclear ones.

In the first place, we have automobiles that incorporate solar panels, as holds true with the designs created by Sono Motors as well as Lightyear, which allow us to get an additional 10-30 kilometers of freedom each day depending on weather conditions.

Secondly, as well as from our point of view it is the most innovative and also reliable option, the installation of photovoltaic or pv solar panels in parking lot, filling station, homes or work facilities. These have a tendency to be mounted in position where lorries are generally parked, as though the recharging comes totally from the photovoltaic solar panels or solar generators.

Charge the electrical cars, vans, truck with your solar panels

One of one of the most ingenious remedies to make billing your electrical auto with solar power a reality is the SolarEdge single-phase inverter with battery charger, which has actually just recently shown up in our nation.

This item integrates an electric auto inverter and also battery charger in a single item, enabling the required financial investment to be lowered, since it makes it possible to merge 2 installations into one, accomplishing photovoltaic self-consumption and charging it with 100% renewable resource.

It ought to be kept in mind that this device can be set up even if an electrical vehicle is not available and operate in the meantime as a standard inverter. The solar energy generated not made use of to bill the automobile is diverted to the house or business, it is never ever lost.

It likewise allows the use of the electrical network if called for, so we do not depend just on solar panels to charge the automobile. Additionally, the charging rate is greater than that of a traditional battery charger, given that it permits the power of the solar installment to be added to that of the house or business.

This system can work in parallel with various other renogy brand name inverters and also its tracking is possible as long as there is a web connection, also allowing remote of the recharging settings described below.

Available charging modes

·Attach and also charge: this is the factory default programming, billing starts as soon as the car is attached, it is suggested for individuals with a price without per hour discrimination.
Thanks to the Solar Boost performance, solar and also network energy are used at the same time, permitting a rapid fee of the electrical lorry, as much as 250% more than traditional domestic battery chargers. The solar power that the lorry does not take is acquired to the home or service.

·Shows: allows you to develop a daily reenergizing program limiting the energy consumption from the network at specific times of the day, it is recommended for individuals who have acquired a rate with per hour discrimination, since the advantage of this mode is to limit the load from the network to periods when electrical energy is more affordable. This setting of charging, with the brand-new electrical energy costs, becomes more vital.

If the Excess Solar operating mode is likewise turned on, the car will only be billed outside the scheduled times with the surpluses created that the home or service does not self-consume..
The Charge Now option allows you to ignore the programs if a recharge is required outside the well-known hrs. With Full Power, the limitation imposed by Excess Solar is additionally prevented.

Garage with electrical battery charger in your house

At Renogy we are experts in the installment and suggestions of photovoltaic panels, solar batteries, solar charger and also inverter. The setup of solar panels in your house or business is an energy remedy in continuous growth. In addition to the benefits for the environment, the new products and also service models additionally guarantee greater savings and also the revaluation of the home. With the installation of solar panels you could charge your electrical auto with your own energy, conserve money and likewise help the setting. If you likewise intend to switch to tidy power and also charge your electric automobile with it, do not think twice to contact our team of specialists. At Renogy we will enjoy to assist you as well as respond to any type of concerns you may have.

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