Elegant and Always Modern, Black and White Living Room Design

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The living room is usually the largest room in the house. It speaks of the taste and preferences of the owners. She hosts guests, hosts family parties. Unlike other rooms in the house, the living room is decorated more carefully so that everyone feels as comfortable as possible.

The black and white interior copes well with this task. If you plan to change your living room, choose black and white furniture decor and get rid of the colorful furniture with house clearance London.

Black and white interior: pros and cons

White color is more common in the interior. Perceptually, it is associated with daylight, and therefore the living room, decorated in this color scheme, always looks more spacious, airy, clean. White color visually expands the boundaries of the room. There are many shades – milk, alabaster, zinc, pearl. It must be used, respecting certain dimensions, so that the room does not turn into a sterile hospital ward.

The advantage is that it is enough to add some interior items in a contrasting color, because white goes well with almost all colors.

The main disadvantage of white colour in the interior is the impracticality of light upholstery for furniture. It requires careful care. However, dry cleaning allows you to keep the upholstery in the right shape.

Black and white design is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility and conciseness. As a rule, this color combination is natural in minimalism, hi-tech, modern, contemporary, Scandinavian style.

There is nothing superfluous in a black and white living room A contemporary living room with a predominance of white looks very unusual. The idea of decorating the living room in a modern style using lighting can be the best.

A minimalist black and white living room is one of the best solutions for this room White color can dominate in the country style A living room in different shades of white with photos and the use of lighting looks airy

An industrial-style living room with the main focus on black furniture is very practical.

The black color dominates the design of the living room in the style of minimalism, and the accents create white accessories.

Design features of a black and white living room

When creating a design project, it is necessary to maintain a balance when using black and white. Traditionally, black is considered the color of melancholy, despair and mourning, and white – purity, innocence, happiness.

When choosing a wallpaper, you should be guided by the preferences of the owners, their emotional state. If the family is large and has a child, it is recommended to use white. For a single person or a family without children, you can decorate the room more strictly – with a predominance of black color.

Rules of distribution of colors

By correctly distributing colors and placing accents, you can achieve an excellent result – create an elegant and functional living room. In this case, it is recommended to use the main tricks of specialists:

  1. The main rule is that under no circumstances can there be the same color ratio. One of them must dominate.
  2. The ceiling in the living room never turns black. This not only visually reduces her height, but also exerts psychological pressure.
  3. The use of conditional zoning is recommended. This will simplify the distribution of colors.
  4. Dynamic drawing should be as small as possible. Zebra, cage, polka dots – can be used only as accents.
  5. It looks like a great combination of different shapes of objects and their sizes. This will bring elegance to the interior.
  6. Additional colored objects sometimes give a special charm. Black and white go well with almost the entire color spectrum. The classic combination of “black-red-white” attracts the attention of dynamic people.

Decoration of walls, floors, ceilings

Different materials can be used to decorate the walls. It can be paint, decorative plaster, wallpaper. A combination of textures is often practiced. The side parts of the room can be simple, and the wall opposite the window is covered with wallpaper with a pattern. Lots of options.

In a small living room, you cannot use wallpaper with a large pattern – they will visually reduce the room. If the room has a low ceiling, you can add a vertical pattern to the walls, such as striped wallpaper.

For wall and floor decoration, stripes are often used as an accent. The zebra theme is a very active accent that immediately attracts attention. In this case, it is important not to overdo it.

No less interesting is the subject of chess. It is often used for flooring, as well as for decorating wall panels and sculptural elements.

When decorating a living room in black and white, the wooden floor cannot be changed. It is enough to cover it with a laminate (parquet) or a carpet with a thick and high pile. It should match the color of the walls.

If the floor is nevertheless decided to be replaced, then it can be made white, black, laid in the form of a pattern of tiles, granite, marble.

The ceiling in the living room should not be multi-level if the room is small and its height is initially small, as this will make it even lower.

When decorating a black room or when using a large amount of dark color, do not make the ceiling shiny. All objects on the floor will be reflected in it, and the room will become much darker than planned.

Selection of furniture and accessories

When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to its size and the materials from which it is made.

Do not buy massive items in the living room. They will occupy all the free space, and the room will look cramped and ridiculous. Furniture of small sizes and shapes will look out of place in large living rooms – they will simply get lost.

For living rooms in a minimalist style, you should choose furniture with modest and concise shapes. Give preference to sofas and chairs upholstered in natural fabrics with interesting textures or original prints.

For living rooms in the classic or English style, massive furniture with leather upholstery is quite suitable. Recently, there has been a tendency to buy items and accessories before the repairs begin. The design is made practically under the furniture.

Properly chosen textiles are an important touch to the finished look of the living room.

As a rule, day and night curtains are selected. They can be combined in colour with furniture upholstery or in contrast with it.

The main requirement is that the curtains do not go out of the general style.

During the day, white, milky, and beige textiles will be appropriate. In this case, the curtains should not be with floral patterns. Only a barely visible geometric pattern or stripe is allowed.

Living room extension

To visually enlarge the living room, white colour should be used as much as possible, placing only black accents.

It is better if the accent is small lines. For example, in the farthest corner from the entrance of the room, you can place a low black vase. It will draw attention to itself and make the room larger.

Decorate a narrow wall with black and white wallpaper. The best ones are those that depict a winter forest or a city with tall buildings and narrow streets. If you stick wallpaper with a small floral pattern of dark colour on one wall and the opposite wall with the same print, but larger, the room will visually increase.

A black floor in a white living room can visually change the size of the room. The black colour will visually push it to the sides and up, it will look much bigger. Arrange the furniture in the corners of the room, while they should be very light shades.

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