4 tips to conquer a tiny bedroom

by | May 6, 2021 | Design

Kitchens and bathrooms often grab the headlines, but one should not forget the power of a master bedroom.

Put simply, this can have huge pulling power for a home. It’s the room in which most of us spend most of our time in (after all, if we stick to the medical guidance, we all should be spending a minimum of eight hours per night in there!).

However, not all master bedrooms are created equally. Some are smaller than others – and this can pose a big problem for homeowners.

Bearing this in mind, if you happen to reside in a property which has a bedroom which feels too small to handle, today’s guide will mull over four key points which you should consider.

Clutter: eradicate your biggest enemy

It’s become something of a buzzword over recent times, mainly due to the work of Marie Kondo.

Nevertheless, if your bedroom is on the small side, clutter is something that you need to tackle as a matter of urgency. Take whatever steps you can find to eradicate the junk, and ultimately show some floor space. For some people, it might just be about literally throwing things away, while for others it might be about making shrewder use of storage, by using items such as this oak chest of drawers.

Simplicity is key

By a similar token, try and keep things as simple as can be.

Sure, you may have spotted a unique way to position your bed (i.e., in the center of your room), but when it comes to small spaces your options are limited.

In other words, if you get too creative with this space, it can look even smaller.

Make the most of natural lighting

If there is one area where we would suggest that you invest most of your time in its with natural lighting. If your room is as dark as can be, you’ll find that it almost feels claustrophobic.

Instead, make the most of any windows you have. This might even involve turning to voile curtains, which can provide some privacy, but still allow a room to swim with light.

While capitalizing on natural light should be your priority, don’t underestimate lighting fixtures either. You can add incredible ambience to a space if you invest in the correct lighting, whether its floor lamps, bedside lamps or a grand ceiling fixture.

Play with illusions

Finally, let’s talk about illusions. Or, as some people refer to it, tricking the eye.

There are a whole host of ways you can do this. The most common in small spaces involves mirrors and placing such an item opposite a natural source of light can suddenly make a room seemingly explode in size.

Or, there’s the tactic about your ceiling. If you hang drapery close to the ceiling, you are suddenly creating the illusion of high ceilings and drawing eyes upward. The result? People almost forget that they’re in a cramped space, and this should be your principal aim.

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