Creating a Comfortable Working Environment: A Brief Guide

by | Feb 9, 2023 | Commercial

Employees are obviously vital for any business; they are its lifeblood. When creating a comfortable working environment, it is important to consider the environment around them. Oftentimes, managers and business owners think that creating the right work environment comes down to the perks offered as opposed to the physical environment that the employees are working within. Let’s get into it.

Ergonomics is Important

Regardless of what industry your business exists within, there will be an ergonomic consideration. Ergonomics simply refers to the act of designing products and processes with human comfort and safety at the heart of them. This could mean comfier chairs and a better desk set-up for those working in offices or safer working practices for those working in a factory or other manual setting.

Provide Access to Refreshments

All employees are entitled to breaks throughout the workday; of course, the length of the break will depend on how long they are working for. Throughout the workday, you, as an employer, have a duty of care. This means providing access to basic amenities, which include food and drink. You don’t have to give them away for free but even ensuring that there is a vending machine on site is enough. The staff room or canteen will need to have facilities which allow employees to store and heat their food. As an employer, you have several legal responsibilities to this end, so be sure to ensure that you have fulfilled them.

Fresh Air and Space

The next thing that you need to consider is whether your employees have enough fresh air and space. Access to the outdoors is obviously important. Houseplants can be beneficial in helping to make the space feel more organic as well as cleaning the stale air. Natural light has a number of benefits on the brain and can help to aid in productivity. However, if it is too bright, then it can become uncomfortable. Working in cramped conditions is also not conducive to productivity; think about the layout of the space and whether it is optimised for the space or not.

Temperature Control

Lastly, when ensuring that your employees are comfortable, there is one last thing that you should consider, and that is the temperature of the building. Any building that is too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer is simply not going to be comfortable or allow your employees to do their best work. This is why businesses simply must invest in heating and cooling systems, although choosing the right one can be tricky, which is why a guide to infrared heaters will be really useful, so be sure to check it out.

To Sum Up

Ensuring that your employees are comfortable is incredibly important, especially if you want to ensure consistent levels of productivity. Catering to their needs helps to ensure that they feel valued, which in turn reduces absenteeism and helps to promote higher levels of employee retention. Investing in the comfort of your employees is never wasted money.

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