First Time Landlord? Here’s How to Prepare Your Property for New Tenants

by | Jan 25, 2023 | blog

Letting a property for the first time is daunting, especially if the house is your existing family home that you’re letting to account for a lifestyle change. From finding reliable, genuine tenants to making sure that the property meets all UK legal requirements for landlords, there’s a lot to do before you hand over the keys, so you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. In this guide, we’ll be bringing you our top tips for preparing your property for your new tenants, so that the handover can go seamlessly.

Use a Managing Agent

For your first ever property let, a managing or letting agent can be an incredibly useful resource that you should consider. Managing agents can help you find the best tenants, complete background and financial checks, co-ordinate any repair requests and even ensure that you continue to adhere to legal regulations as a landlord! While you’ll need to pay a set fee every month, this is a worthwhile investment into your peace of mind when you become a landlord for the first time.

Get Insured

Before you even think about handing over the keys to your property, you need to have the correct landlord insurance NI to cover the home if anything goes wrong, or if the tenant causes any accidental damage. When you’re searching for a policy, try to find landlord insurance NI policies that cover fire or flood damage, just in case. From there, you can search based on additional extras that insurers might include, such as malicious damage protection.

Leave Everything Clean

When you move into a property for the first time, it can be upsetting to discover that the previous owners or tenants have left rubbish, dirt, or personal belongings for you to dispose of. As a landlord, one of the best things that you can do to foster a positive relationship with your new tenants is clean the property before their arrival. Pay particular attention to:

  • Damp areas, particularly behind furniture against external walls
  • Windows and sills, which can easily attract dust and dirt
  • Kitchen cabinets, that are often home to leftover items
  • Appliances such as the refrigerator or washing machine, if these will be left in the home

If you don’t have time to clean the property yourself, then why not consider a professional clean? Not only will this start the tenancy off on the right foot, but it will also ensure that you set a good standard for the tenants to match when it comes to their move-out date.

However you leave the property, remember to take comprehensive photos and videos of the condition before you hand over the keys, so that any future disputes can be addressed fairly if they arise.

Letting out a home can be daunting but following these top tips will leave you in the best position to support your new tenants as they adjust to life in your property. Using a managing agent is a great approach for first time landlords, as they can offer invaluable expertise, but if you want to go it alone, insuring your property is one of the most important first steps. Before you know it, you’ll be a seasoned veteran in the lettings industry!

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