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by | Mar 14, 2022 | Bathrooms

It is easy to overlook bathrooms in favor of those more exotic (or Instagram-able) spaces like a gorgeously decorated living room, dining hall, or entrance. But bathrooms can be the busiest spaces in your home. If you like to add touches that play off of your unique tastes and personality, you can use tricks from bathroom trends happening now. You can quickly achieve a beautiful bath in your budget that’s anything but boring. Your bathroom should be an extension of yourself, so be sure to include elements that reflect your style – there are no right or wrong choices here.

Add plants

The trend of eco-friendliness has been prominent in interior design for some time now, but the current year is about taking it one step further and introducing biophilia. Biophilic design brings people into contact with nature, reducing stress and anxiety when done in the bathroom. You no longer have to go away from your house to feel at ease because you can have that same feeling of relaxation at home. Biophilic design is accessible to everyone (who has a bathroom). By styling the space with houseplants and accessories like pampas grass, you can create a spa-like sanctuary for yourself or anyone else who desires to take advantage of it.

Although there are many spaces where you can keep a plant, choosing a sink region can also be acceptable. If you thought of replacing bath faucets, wait for that change first. Based on the color of the tap, you can select the pot to create a cohesive or contrasting feel of your desire. It will immediately become the focus while adding to the air quality.

Use benches and stools

Everyone loves to see decorative items that they could use to help them take care of themselves, like makeup stands, trays, etc. Vanity benches and stools with cushioned seats will be a hot home accessory of 2022. This year, it might even become an obsession. So you can try your hand at this also.

Leverage beautiful murals

Changing the color scheme of your bathroom might open you up to a whole new way of thinking about color. In the past, organized white walls, sleek surfaces, and simple furniture were favorable in the bathrooms. People who like clean lines and modern bathrooms are becoming more confident about going busy and bold on walls or in little nooks with wall arts and accessories. Statement walls are not just part of entrance rooms today; instead, homeowners also use these same techniques in their bathrooms. Rather than just being there for decoration purposes, these spaces have become sanctuaries for homeowners to appreciate each day.

Mix features

The marble in 2022’s bathrooms will not be the only luxurious material. The calm and peaceful decor will remain a principal design element when creating bathrooms, but these two concepts will blend with other luxury elements to create a unique bathroom space. The most important feature to incorporate when designing this kind of bathroom is a lot of tile work to make plumbing fixtures pop out less as eye candy and more as artful pieces. Spaces like these emphasize water features that balance light, natural hues, and their surrounding environment.

Introduce textures

The timeless trend for bathroom design is a clean look that combines a few colors and materials. For example, many bathrooms now have glass walls, brushed metal mosaics, wall coverings with deep textures or bold colors, and artworks on display behind clear doors or windowpanes. Sometimes bathrooms are so simple that they are almost bare, even though you get multiple options in the luxury market.

Shower area

It does not imply that baths are getting outdated. Homeowners are moving away from smaller cubicles for more extensive and individualized enclosures with a stunning feature wall or backdrop. Since people’s lives are becoming more fast-paced, free-standing showers create a convenience.

Natural material

Minimalist design isn’t going anywhere, and it won’t be as minimalistic but more colorful. Neutrals will turn warm as everyone becomes more aware of their environment from one natural element to the next. Bathrooms will not be clinical in appearance, but neatness and clean lines will matter. Something that allows fresh air and sunlight to fall across textured surfaces like stone, wood, or tiles will be in demand. These rooms have to look humble but they have to be airy, private, and well-connected.

A mix of new and old

Modern homeowners are well-informed in what they enjoy and desire in their bathroom designs and are also more ready than ever to take risks for the plans they intend on building. When decorating a bathroom with this particular trend, the key is all about experimentation. Truly, opposites attract! Customers may, for example, lean towards designs involving traditional fixtures with modern faucets or conversely modern faucets with older claw-foot baths, depending on their personal preferences.

The bathroom is a space that offers a personal sanctuary. Whether on the larger or smaller end of the scale, it’s essential not to sacrifice comfort while creating an inviting and relaxing retreat. For example, a compact bathroom can look immediately updated with wallpaper featuring luscious color palettes or light and delicate patterns. Meanwhile, a spacious bath can be awash in calming hues with teak furniture for a more natural look paired with attractive bathmats for the ultimate relaxation experience. One way to maintain tranquility within your pampered personal space is by including stylish accents such as easy-to-keep plants, elegant window treatments, and high-end towels.

You can now decide what you should do with your bathroom. You can go with the classic look of a white tile or try something modern like subway tiles. Just ensure you buy the right tools and prep the area to avoid getting frustrated with the project. After all, bathroom renovation tends to be an extensive and expensive project. When you invest your efforts and life savings, you have to be careful with the resources that go into its making. Once done, you can bask in your choices and take pride in the look that you may have desired to achieve for your bathroom for a long.

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