How to Redesign Your Bathroom

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Bathrooms

Renovating a bathroom is not the most illustrious way for anyone to spend their time. This is why they are often left until last in home renovation projects. But a bathroom redesign can make a great deal of difference to how a property feels, and should be treated as a priority – even if only to guarantee a luxuriant bathing experience while you finish renovating the rest of your home! If you have a bathroom in dire need of a complete refresh, how might you approach redesigning it with your tastes in mind?

Set a Budget

The very first thing you should be doing towards your bathroom renovation project, as with any other renovation project, is setting a reasonable and realistic budget for it. Remodelling your bathroom can be an expensive endeavour, whichever way you cut it; by figuring out how much you are able to put towards your redesign, you are able to make some of the bigger decisions earlier – and also understand exactly how much you might be able to allocate to smaller details later on.

Plan the Space

With your budget secured, you can start thinking seriously about the new layout of your bathroom. In completely gutting your bathroom as it stands, you are afforded a unique opportunity to completely re-jig the layout to your own liking. 

With the right size of space, you may even be able to realise some particular luxuries (such as a free-standing tub, or a separate shower unit). Of course, some spaces are unchangeably limiting, though these can be more of an exciting design challenge than a renovation hindrance.

It’s the Little Things

While big installations are going to give your bathroom the bulk of its form, it is unavoidably the little things that serve to bring your vision to reality. Everything from the shape of your toilet roll holder to the size and form of your bathroom mirror can make a difference.

This rings true for the more functional corners of your bathroom, too. Rather than settling for a basic seat, you should pick out a soft close toilet seat that fits your aesthetic from a wider range; little additions like this can spark joy in the most surprising ways.

Colours and Shades

Of course, it is impossible to gainfully approach a bathroom redesign without, at some point, thinking seriously about colour. Even with new fixtures and fittings, it is the colours of your bathroom that will ultimately define it – making this an important consideration to put before most others in your redesign plans.

Colour schemes subtly impact the ‘feel’ of a bathroom beyond immediate impressions. Natural pastels can bring a sense of nature and calm to the bathroom, while bolder blues and creams create a sense of luxury. Marrying these colours with your fixture choices is essential for a cohesive bathroom.

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