Self-Storage and More: Things You Shouldn’t Hesitate Spending Money On When Moving To Edinburgh

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Travelling

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is known for its stunning site and wide array of financial opportunities, among many others. Because of these reasons, more and more people are moving into the city annually. It is, therefore, no surprise that  Edinburgh is one of the most populated cities in the UK

If you are planning on moving, then you should know that home relocation projects can be costly. Unfortunately, moving to a city like Edinburgh is no exception to that. And so, the people who are moving here get creative in finding ways to minimise or lessen their moving expenses.

The most popular of these methods is recruiting friends and family to help you carry out the move instead of hiring professional movers for the job. Some people also come up with a meal plan and prep their meals beforehand to avoid spending too much money on takeout throughout the moving process. 

How ever you choose to cut down the expenses surrounding your house move, though, there are some things or services that you wouldn’t want to sacrifice or hold the budget on. After all, these things could greatly influence your overall moving experience. 

Things You Should Always Consider Spending On When Moving To Edinburgh

House Moving Experts

If you are looking to save money, hiring a professional mover is almost always the first thing you will cross off your moving house checklist. However, while the upfront cost of your house move will be cheaper, you may end up spending more money in the long run. Here are some ways professional movers can help you save money:

  • Because these people have the training and the experience to handle all your furniture and belongings with ease, there will be fewer chances of anything getting damaged or lost during the move.
  • If something does get damaged or lost while in the hands of your movers, there is insurance coverage for your items. You are, therefore, protected from the burden of having to shoulder full repair or replacement costs.
  • Your moving timeline and budget will be met. No more need to spend extra for additional hours on the vehicle rental, among many other things!
  • Your items will be packed as efficiently as possible. That means the packing materials you have paid for will be used to their maximum capabilities. 
  • You are safe from physical injuries associated with moving house, which means you won’t have to lose money taking time off work to heal, nor will you have to spend on physiotherapy and medication. 

Edinburgh Self Storage

Another thing you will want to spend money on is a self storage unit in Edinburgh. A storage unit, after all, can help make your move easy. A self storage unit is useful for the following reasons:

  1. If you are selling your old home, you may begin moving some of your belongings into your Edinburgh storage unit beforehand. With more space already free in your home, staging it for potential buyers will be much easier. 
  2. There will be no pressure to get moved into your new place the moment you move out of your old one. That means while your new home is not ready yet, you can leave your stuff in a storage unit while you wait. 
  3. Having a place to store your packed boxes will ease the pressure of having your home ready and unpacked as quickly as possible, thus making your adjustment to the new place comfortable and more organic.

The best part about storing your items in a storage unit? You won’t have to worry about your things getting too cramped or damaged in storage! After all, most storage facilities have units of various sizes and types!

Packing Materials

While it can be very tempting to make use of cheap, low-quality packing materials, doing so may put your belongings at risk! From flimsy tape that fails to keep your boxes sealed to weak cardboard boxes that give out under the weight of your stuff, there are just so many things that could go wrong! Prevent all these from happening by purchasing high-quality materials instead. 

Professional Cleaners and Pest Control Services

It is almost always a must for you to hire professional cleaners before moving out of a home. However, it is just as crucial for you to hire them before moving into a house or flat. This is especially true if you are moving into a home that has already been previously occupied. After all, a nice, deep clean will ensure that you are not exposed to any type of bacteria or virus.

You will also want to hire an exterminator or a pest control specialist to deal with unwanted pests, insects, and rodents.

New Locks and Updated Security Systems

Lastly, you must always make some room in your budget for new locks. Whether your home has been previously occupied or not, you can never be too sure about who does and doesn’t have access to your home. So, before you even spend a night at the new house, make sure all existing locks have been replaced.

A security system would also be ideal. If, however, it is not feasible at the moment, you can start with a couple of WiFi-ready security cameras to keep an eye on your property. Here are some more home defence tips you will want to keep in mind. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve got an idea of what services are worth spending on during a house move, you can make sure that your relocation to Edinburgh, or anywhere else, is as easy as possible! If your budget is too limited for everything listed above, evaluate your moving requirements to determine which of these services you should prioritise. 

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