Best Driveway Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Outdoor

A driveway is an important part of your entire property that boost the property’s value and curb appeal. And although it may be utilitarian, it does not necessarily have to be an ugly one. Here are some of the best driveway ideas to make your home more appealing.

Pretty & Practical

First things first, when thinking of driveway landscape types and ideas, take into account the conditions. For example, if you are in a place where winters are severe and blow snow, you should consider those factors, and along with this, address drainage issues at any cost. You can get this done from driveway contractors.

Circular Driveway

In cases when space permits circular driveway, they, first of all, add a touch of class, but also have a practical purpose, which means there is no need to drive back. You can place some statue or fountain and surround it by Boxwood shrubs. Fill the circle interior with groundcover, and there you have an attractive focal point.

Grand Entrance Driveway

If you want to show your guests where is the parking spot, without being asked, then you can earmark your driveway by adding parallel matching tress for extra drama. Trees pruning is something that you must do in order to prevent blocking the view when guests are driving back.

Planting Pockets Driveway

Although you might be tempted to landscape the entire space of your yard, before you do that, think of creating a planting pocket. It can be absolutely any shape or size as long as you made enough rooting space for plants.

Curbstone Setting Driveway

Colourful flowers in front of the house are delightful. Unfortunately, it often happens that drivers knock them over. A curb can easily solve this, and along with that, it is in charge of keeping soil and mulch in place in case of storm or rain.

Tuck Under Garage Driveway

One of the practical yet amazing ideas is to choose tuck under garage driveway idea. Although at first glance, it may sound like a challengeable project, it is not. New smart driveway landscaping ideas are easily solving this challenge.

Pot Driveway

Another great driveway landscape idea is to place large pots in a strategic area. Bear in mind to put them in a place where they won’t obstruct the vehicles. And use only large pots that are big enough so people can see them.

Country Garden Driveway

Driveway ideas are based on matching the style of the landscape surrounding. For country garden design gravel driveway is a great idea. Adorn it with lavender for extra country garden appearance if that matches the overall house architectural style.

Rock Driveway

Another way to prevent cars from getting into your garden is to place rocks in your driveway. Rocks are both ornamental and practical, and when matched with attractive flowers or plants, they are even more amazing.

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of other driveway ideas but basically try to choose one that matches your needs and the entire architectural style of your property. And don’t forget the weather conditions.

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