Why London Home Buyers Will Pay Six Times as Much Stamp Duty as New Yorkers

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Finance

Before, property taxes were levied mainly on land and were first enforced in colonial periods. Therefore, land tax was primarily payable by farmers. In modern days, property tax levies occur on property such as homes. The tax levies are continuous on land possessed by citizens or lawful institutions.

Land and real estate taxes are generally set between 0.5 to 1% of the market value annually in Europe and the United States. Property tax rates are about 1 to 2% in East Asian nations, such as the Philippines and China. In comparison, South Korea levies annual property taxes between 0.15 – 0.5% of the property value.

High taxes are added to obsolete asset prices in many sub-Saharan African countries – land taxes, for instance, vary from less than 10% to more than 30% in Kenya. However, in some, the prices can be much less, with land and building taxes in Rwanda fixing at 0.1% of asset prices for those under freehold title deeds.

As a private capital stock share, Luxembourg has the lowest property tax at 0.05%. The second-lowest share is 0.08% in Switzerland and 0.09% in Austria and the Czech Republic. The highest taxes on property are levied in the United Kingdom at 1.93%, France at 1.25%, and Greece at 1.90% as a private capital stock share.

Property Taxes & Council Tax Bills

Statistics as per the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), indicates that local taxes comprise 1.6 percent of the GBP (gross domestic product) in the United Kingdom, against 11 percent in Germany, 15.8 percent in Sweden, and 5.8 percent in France.

However, this does not indicate English homeowners pay more taxes. Yearly property tax bills like council tax are comparatively low in contrast with the international phase. In England, the tax burden firmly concentrates on purchasing relative to other cities with slightly higher annual prices. The annual council tax bill for a house of £500,000 in London for ten years is £15,437 (provided it is in Band D). That’s a third of New York City’s £45,288 charge.

An English purchaser buying a home for £1 million will pay a tax of £43,750. Whereas this is 132% more than a Vancouver purchaser, it is still less by £16,250 for a purchaser in Madrid. But the English purchasing costs increase to £153,750, at £2m. An investor could buy twenty-one properties worth £2 million each in Miami before their transaction tax charges were analogous.

Critical above all, England council tax is not as drastic in increment as it is for stamp duty in higher valued properties. In London, the annual cost for a house worth £2m for ten years (provided it is within the Band H peak value) is £30,874. A buyer who purchases a property worth 2 million euros spends ten times the stamp levy price as a purchaser buying a property worth 500,000 euros. However, the homeowner of the £2 million property will only pay double in council taxes.

A house owner in Miami with a property worth £2 million will pay a sum of £302,542, which is ten years’ annual taxes and the purchase tax combined. In London, a £184,624 tax would be payable by a homeowner with a property of similar value, practically 39% less.
Overall, London purchases will pay less than their international equals over ten years of ownership.

Stamp Duty Holiday

What is the essence of the stamp duty holiday? The UK government has boosted to £500,000 the lower stamp duty cap reserving up to £15,000 for you. A stamp duty holiday allows anyone in England who spends less than £500,000 in property purchase to abscond from stamp duty payments up until 1 April 2021.

In Conclusion

Although the initial sales taxes for British citizens are much higher, the yearly property tax rates are much lower than the global average. Therefore, the tax system disincentivises individuals shifting houses but is reasonably inexpensive on a long-term basis.

Once the stamp holiday expires on 31 March, an English buyer will pay £15,000 in tax to purchase an estate worth £500,000. Findings indicate that sellers in New York would spend just £2,583, less than one-fifth of their counterparts in England. This is according to an analysis carried out by Knight Frank property agents.

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