George Clarke’s Top Tips for Maximising Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

by | Aug 29, 2017 | DIY Tips

We are a nation of home improvers who all want to add value to our home. With most homeowners opting for big builds, extensions and renovations, it certainly gives the impression that the only way to increase the value and appeal of your home is by spending tens of thousands of pounds as well as being surrounded by rubble and dust.

However, there is an easier way to increase your home equity without the dust and dirt that comes with a big build. Get out of the house and concentrate on your home’s exterior.

It’s the first thing any potential buyer sees, so if it’s drab, unloved with peeling paint, a shabby door and an overgrown garden, don’t be surprised if there’s a lack of interest when your house is on the market.

In a recent study by Dulux Weathershield found that a third of people are willing to pay more than 25% more for a home or rental property with a freshly painted door, smart brickwork, a well-kept garden and clean windows.

If we take this into account with the average UK home being valued at £220,000, giving that extra bit of TLC could give you a hefty £55,000 return. For those living in London, that increases to a whopping £117,966.

Architect, property expert, host of Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces and ambassador of the composite door brand Truedor, George Clarke has list five top tips that will improve the appearance of your home as well as potentially increasing your home’s equity.

  1. A new front door is a game changer

“Your front door is the face of your home – it’s the first thing people see, so don’t follow the crowd, design your own and really go to town”.

“With your front door you have more freedom to express yourself perhaps picking a colour that you wouldn’t normally choose for your interior walls. Changing the front door is a quick win but a real game changer in terms of how people perceive you and your home”.

Companies like Truedor make bespoke doors, starting from £700 in a range of stylish colours. The benefit of having a composite door is that it add an extra layer of security to your front entrance.

  1. Opt for clean lines and symmetry

Don’t overdo it – keep the front of your home simple and symmetrical. Consider positioning any plants, tubs or ornaments in equal number on each side. Outdoor lights also, generally, look better in pairs.

Highlighting your home’s best features can only enhance its appearance. Think of it as make up for your home.

  1. Keep it clutter free

Keep doors, pathways, steps and open porches free from dust, dirt and other debris, and if you have a front doormat, make sure it’s smart and clean. Disguise recycling and refuse bins in a small shed or shelter if possible.

  1. Flower Power

You can enhance the entrance of your home with stylish hanging baskets, planters and window boxes etc. Using flowers and shrubs often complements the colour and style of your front doors also.

  1. The details make a difference

You should invest in good quality door accessories, such as letterboxes, doorknobs and knockers, and try to ensure door furniture is in keeping with the style and age of your property.

Featured image: Derek Mayes, licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence

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