The Best Autumn Colour Schemes for your House

by | Oct 22, 2017 | blog, DIY Tips, Home

While it may seem like winter is in full flow, this season does not actually get underway until December. Instead, we are in the throes of autumn, where the temperature begins to cool and the nights draw longer.

This is also a time of year when you begin to consider the colour schemes that exist within your home, as the level of natural light dwindles and different shades begin to register in your conscience. With so many autumn colour families to choose from, now is the ideal time to reinvent your home’s interior and select a relevant and eye-catching scheme!

In this article, we will look at some of the most creative ideas that are perfect for this time of year:

  1. When Neutral and Pastel Shades Combine

While it may sound a little boring, the classic combination of neutral and pastel shades can provide the ideal autumnal backdrop for your interior.

This applies to both colour and texture, as the use of soft shades and natural materials creates a versatile space that is extremely comforting. Thick and pastel-coloured fabrics can also introduce a sense of warmth, which is particularly important during this time of year.

Starting with a primary pastel or neutral colour has other benefits too, especially as you look to build a complimentary palette that includes a number of alternative shades.

  1. Bring Autumn into your Home

One of the best autumn scheme leverages the natural colours of autumn, along with similar tones that can be derived from this palette. These include brown, dark green and rust, along with affiliated shades such as orange and chestnut.

From paint to accents, these warm and rustic shades can create a truly stunning and seasonal interior, particularly when they are brought to life with brighter tones like orange. This ensures that you create a scheme that remains bright and warming, while also adhering to your carefully defined theme.

This scheme also demands the use of muted fabrics, which help to create a fresh and contemporary interior.

  1. Create an Intense Colour Scheme that Embraces the Great Outdoors

We close with an idea that is built on a common interior design theme, which revolves around bringing the outside in. By combining the rich brown of autumn leaves with an intense, forest green, you can bring this idea to life in a way that is truly reflective of the season.

In fact, these tones tend to enhance each other, while evoking and recreating all of the natural beauty of a stunning, forest scene. They also establish a clear interior theme, and one that is sure to serve as a wow factor within your home.

You can also enhance this palette further with subtle accents, including various shades of brown, green and chestnut. The use of natural greenery and plants also adds a striking dimension to your colour scheme, while introducing all-important texture and a genuine sense of the autumn.

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