The First EVER Life On Mars Show Home

by | Oct 29, 2016 | Culture


Astronomy and space fans all over the world, we think we’ve found something that you’ll love. Ever wanted to visit a show home that is almost identical to how scientists predict life on Mars to be? Guess what – the first ever Mars show home is being showcased in the UK!

The futuristic exhibition will be on display at the Royal Observatory Greenwich from November 10th – 16th, 10am until 5pm… It’s not on display for long, so we’d definitely recommend visiting if you get the chance.

The show home itself was created by National Geographic and provides a glimpse of what life could be like if it was sustained on the red planet in 2037.

Based on research and interviews with famous astronomers such as Stephen Petranek – author of How We’ll Live on Mars. Petranek is also the consultant for six-part doc-drama MARS, which is soon to premie on the National Geographic channel.

The docu-drama is set almost 20 years in the future and tells the story of the first ever manned mission to MARS and our attempts to build a life on it.

The show home is on display and will contain a transparent side section, giving visitors a slice of Mars life inside. It will also feature an interpretation of an underground area, containing:

  • Sleeping quarters
  • Food supplies
  • Scientific equipment
  • Linking tunnels to other habitats

Now that is something to be excited about!

A small exhibition around the home will bring to life visions of the colony and facts about our future on Mars and the very real prospect of becoming a multi-planetary species.

What do you think about the new Mars show home? Do you think that life on the red planet is sustainable? If not, we’re sure that we can get some great interior inspiration from this exhibition!

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