Is Your Medical Building Leaking? Do Not Delay Repairs

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Commercial

Medical facilities complete daily assessments for potential hazards that could injure patients. These assessments reveal whether the patients are at risk, and if the property owner must schedule repairs quickly. Roofing designs that are failing present a serious risk to patients inside medical facilities, and if the roofing isn’t repaired quickly, it could cave into the property. Mitigating risks for roofing failures starts with a full inspection of the roof.

Are There Dark Spots on the Ceiling?

Dark spots on the ceiling are clear indicators that the roof is leaking, and the water has reached the ceilings. The building materials become discolored because water is sitting on top of the ceiling and will break through the building materials eventually. If the medical facility has an attic space, the water has leaked through the attic ceiling into the flooring, and it has reached spaces underneath the attic. Medical facility owners can learn more about getting roof repairs by contacting D&D Roofing right now.

Are They Experiencing Issues When Shutting Windows and Doors?

Once moisture has reached the interior walls, the property owner notices that the doors and windows are becoming more difficult to shut and open. This is an indication of moisture inside the interior of the property that has affected the walls and installations connected to the walls. At this point, the roofing is damaged severely, and the property owner will need to hire a company to remove the moisture from the interior walls to prevent further property damage.

Have Energy Costs Increased Dramatically?

Another sign of roofing damage is sudden and unexplained energy cost increases. If the property owner notices these increases, it is a great idea to have their roofing inspected to determine if it needs repairs. Roofing designs that are performing as expected will maintain better energy efficiency, and the property owner won’t see dramatic increases in their energy expenses. An inspection determined the point of origin for the roofing damage.

Are There Any Interior Leaks?

In a medical facility, any water found on the flooring or any surfaces for which there isn’t an obvious cause could be the result of a roof leak. At this point, the water has traveled underneath the sub-roofing and compromised the ceiling. If the property owner doesn’t act quickly, the ceiling could cave into the space and damage all items inside the room. For a medical facility, this is a significant risk since a roof cave-in could lead to not only damaged equipment, but it could injury a patient.

Are There Any Obvious Signs of Mold in the Building?

Obvious signs of mold in a medical facility must be managed quickly to prevent health risks for patients and healthcare workers. Mold travels throughout the property through the ventilation system, and the spores attach themselves to building materials, furniture, and anything inside the room. Mold requires careful remediation services to eliminate, and the property owner must act quickly to prevent an increase in respiratory and allergy-based illnesses in the facility.

Medical facilities must complete thorough assessments for any hazards that could develop inside the property. Since patients visit the facility, it is vital for the owners to have their roofing inspected to prevent interior damage if the roofing design fails. Property owners can get an inspection at little to no cost if they suspect that the roofing is damaged.

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