Why Bathroom Radiators Are Affordable and Reduce Bills

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Bathrooms

Bathrooms radiators are an essential part of any bathroom styling or redesign. However, with rising energy bills and fluctuating energy prices, people are looking for ways of lowering their utility bills. One way of this is using bathroom radiators instead of towel rails.

Radiant heaters designed for bathrooms are fitted into the floor or wall of the bathroom. This type of heater emits heat directly upwards, warming the walls and the entire area above it. Using radiant heaters ensures warm feet throughout every shower or bath. These radiators are usually made of metal and have fins on them, which heat up when the heater is on.

Why invest in bathroom radiators?

The main heat source in any home is the heating system. By turning down the temperature on your central heating system by one degree, it could save you up to 5% on your energy bills.

But what if there was a way of using less gas and electricity but still warming up your entire room? Radiant heaters for bathrooms can heat an entire room and therefore use less energy overall. And because the heaters produce warm air instead of hot air like a standard radiator, you don’t end up wasting energy heating cold patches.

Bathroom radiators are very affordable too. You can even buy them online. There are lots of online retailers selling different styles of radiators at very competitive prices. 

Another reason why you should consider using bathroom radiators is that they’re easy to maintain. Each heater has a series of small metal fins on it that are attached by screws or bolts. Because these are not enclosed within the radiator casing, they are easily accessible for dusting and cleaning.

Why use bathroom radiators instead of towel rails?

Towel rails are not very efficient. They only heat the space directly around them, which could be as little as 10% of an average-sized bathroom. When you use a towel rail to warm up your room, you end up wasting money heating cold patches and unheated walls.

You can heat the whole room by investing in bathroom radiators and only turn down your central heating system by one degree. You also don’t need to buy as many radiators as you would towel rails: if you have a larger bathroom, it might be more economical to purchase two or three radiator panels instead of one large towel rail.

Besides being energy efficient, radiant heaters are designed specifically for use in bathrooms. As a result, they are easy to fit and do not require much maintenance. Radiator panels come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your bathroom perfectly. And because they’re fitted flush into the wall or floor of the bathroom, they don’t produce any gaps where cold air can seep through.

Since most homes in Britain have their water heaters in the kitchen, the bathroom tends to get quite cold. So having a warm shower is counter-productive as it’ll turn your shower into an ice bath! However, with a radiator installed, you won’t have this problem.

A common myth about radiators is that they are expensive. While some might be light on your wallet, you can have others for very reasonable prices. When you factor in the energy savings, you’ll get from having a radiator in your bathroom. They can actually be an excellent way to save money.

Radiant heat is also very healthy and pleasant. If you’ve ever taken a shower or bath that was really hot, then felt yourself shiver when you got out of the water, then this is the main reason why you should care about having a radiator in your bathroom. There are no cold patches or dead zones that would make you uncomfortable.

Radiant heaters work best when installed flush into the wall or floor of your bathroom. They provide comfortable, consistent warmth throughout the room, so there’s no need to worry about waiting for hot water to travel to the end of the shower.

While it might be counter-productive, you can use your central heating system to warm up your bathroom. By closing all doors and windows except for those leading directly outside, you can insulate your home to keep all of the heat in the bathroom! It is beneficial if you live in an older home without a radiator.

According to yahoo news, radiators are an underappreciated yet critical component of British houses. Not only do they provide comfort and warmth, but they also help lower your utility bills. Heating water is an incredibly energy-intensive task, and the radiator in the bathroom has to deal with a substantial share of that load. As such, using a radiator instead of a towel rail will go a long way towards reducing your energy bill while still ensuring you have a comfortable bathroom.

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