What are your Roofing Options when Building a New Property?

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If you’re looking to build your own property, one of the most important elements is the type of roof that you install. This remains a pivotal part of turning a basic structure into a home, whether you are undertaking a new-build project or restoring an older, dilapidated property.

This is also a decidedly complex process, however, particularly as there are different types of roofing though which are suited to alternative builds and structures. There are also variable cost implications, depending on the scope of works and the materials that you intend to use.

With these variable considerations in mind, we thought we would put together an overview of your roofing options and the key factors that you will need to keep in mind throughout the project. These include: –

Your Available Styles

Let’s start with the style of roof that you are likely to choose, depending on the precise shape and nature of the structure in question. Here are your main options: –

Gable Roof

This is a common type found on residential properties. This simple style looks like an upside down V shape.

Hip Roof

This is another popular choice for residential buildings, but is a little more complicated than a gable. Instead of two sloping sides, this has four which square off around the building.

Flat Roof

Like the name suggests this is a level surface on the top of the building. These are the easiest to build and are often found on top of industrial buildings or flat blocks.

Gambrel Roof

These are similar to gable roofs but the difference here is that it has two sloping sides which are almost vertical and form part of the building’s walls. These are commonly found on structures like barns and cabins.

Skillion Roof

These are also known as ‘lean-to’ or ‘shed roofs’ and it looks like a single pitched flat roof. These are best suited to smaller buildings or even for use on extensions like porches.

The Main Build Materials

You can also get a wide choice of different options on materials for construction, although there are some that remain dominant in the UK construction sector. These include: –

  • Metal sheets
  • Terra Cotta
  • Concrete or slate
  • Felt and asphalt shingle
  • Wood
  • Plastics

Depending on which types you opt for, these can have a vary on price so you might want to research these costs first before you choose. Whichever interests you though, it’s wise to invest in quality materials as these will last longer and withstand wear and tear better.

Make sure then that you consider some of the above before you break any ground with your building. If needs be, create a few designs to get an impression of how some of these different roofing options may look; this way you’ll know for sure you’ve got the best look for your new property.

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